Friday, June 26, 2015

Uuuummmmm Excuse Me.......

......hope it's a grand one!! :)


Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Ever have one of those days where everything just seems to go wrong and you are just sorta mad at the world for absolutely no good reason? Well......I may be sorta having a teensy bit of a bad mood day today!! No anger......haven't shoved any old ladies shin kicking.....just feeling "grrrrrrrr!!"

Rick just texted and said he's bringing home dinner tonight!! I love that man!!! I am almost sure I will not be smothering him in his sleep tonight........almost!!! :)

Hope your frown is upside down today and that you don't smother your loved ones either......cause blah blah blah.....violence is wrong and stuff!! :)

TTFN friend!!

BTW......on a totally unrelated note.....I do believe I will be creating on a witch this evening!!! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Come and Share in the Celebration

Please.....join Rick and I as we help Sue celebrate her first anniversary at Black Walnut Holler!!

If you have not been......Black Walnut Holler is an amazing not so little shop filled to the brim with barn finds......wonderful prims.....awesome collectibles....and some really great handmades!! Not only are the treasures fun to consider......Sue and her friends have a warm and welcoming way of greeting each and every visitor.....with a huge and "heart-y" laughter filled the coffee and candy bar in the back!! You will want to visit again and again and again....for the treasures and the company!! :)

10 South Main Street
Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050

So please......join us as we celebrate.....Sue and Black Walnut Holler!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Smalltown, USA

I am proud to be from Smalltown,USA!!! Being born in Carrollton......afforded me a lot of benefits that perhaps being born in a large city would not!! During childhood.....we played outside.....had sleep outs where we jammed every kid in the neighborhood into a 473* teeny tiny metal camper.....rode our bikes for Popsicles to the Quick Shop across town.....played in the cemetery woods....swam in the creek....and only put on shoes over the summer when forced to for church on Sunday!!

It was a town where you knew everyone.....and even those you didn't....they knew you!! It was a town where you knew everyone by their car if you passed them.....and you knew who were the good drivers....and those that you should probably avoid!! For instance.....our drive had a telephone poll smack dab at the edge and we knew who would hit it when visiting and who would not!! LOL!!! (and the guy who covered his car in contact paper....and my cousin who was an amazing car painter and drove the Pink Panther Monte Carlo....we were cautious when following them LOL!!!)

Fast forward to today......and we have become the epi-center of the Shale Oil Boom in Ohio....even the topic for several news programs!! I still love my Smalltown, USA.....however....things have changed!!! Our population has exploded with workers from out of state.....and y'all not know how to drive roads that were once cow-paths???? LOL!!! We don't have a straight road in Carroll County.....and I think every driver around now is trying their hardest to DISPROVE that fact.....and are losing!!

This morning.....taking Brady to work at a line of heavy traffic including several oil working vehicles as well as passenger vehicles.....a shall we call him "gentleman" came flying up on my behind....passed me on double yellows....swerved back in to avoid the oncoming traffic and then quickly passed 3 more vehicles!!! What the H*E*double hockey sticks are ya doin' man?????? Got to the light in town and he was still just 3 vehicles in front of me!!! At that light.....the oil well vehicle behind me pulled through the business parking lot and on around traffic to avoid the red light!!!

What in the world is wrong with people???? Have we so much to do in our day that we must risk life and limb to get to where we are going????? These are not isolated incidents.......and I am not innocent of this either.....many times realizing I have daydreamed an entire drive.....looking down and going well over the speed limit!!!

Something occurred to me this morning......I think we are all sorta like my Smalltown, USA!!! We have seasons in our lives.....where we are innocent and run with no shoes on.....and appreciate everything!!! And the flash of an eye.....we are speeding around people....and avoiding those around us to get to where we are going!!! forces a person to stop and slow down!! Sometimes.....a person never slows down!! Life is fast paced and honestly there's nothing wrong with that...however... it goes way too quickly and we can easily speed get to the next thing!! But.......what if we stopped a little here and there.....and run with no shoes on......wouldn't that be great!! It's a negative 300* in my Smalltown, USA today isn't my day to run barefoot....but for sure soon.....:)

Wishing y'all a barefootin'......creek swimmin'......put your under armor long johns under your 14 layers of clothes kinda Smalltown, USA day!! :)