Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's Been Bugging Me All Day......

What does the fox say?????

We may never know!!!
Have a great Tuesday.....and you're welcome for getting this song stuck in ye brain for the day!! :O)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

We Miss Him......

....when he's at school!! But when he comes home......
.....and life is good!!
Happy Sunday!! May your new week be blessed!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Thank You!!

A huge and hearty thank you to everyone who played along in our January auction!! What a great success and what fun suspense with bidding down to the last minute!! Woooooow-weeeeeee!!

Can't wait to share with you in February!!
TTFN my friends!!

Spoke too Soon!!

The other week.......I posted about a new site I had found KlutchClub.com....and related how I had excitedly ordered my first box from them because of the grand deal it was!! Ummmmmm.....

Over Christmas break.....Brady and I tried out Daily Burn's 30 day free trial and instantly fell in love!! It's an online program offering tons of exercises which can be accessed via the internet.....certain smart tvs....and we've been using it thru an app on the xbox360!! Oh my gosh....it is amazing!! You can fill out a little q&a from which they suggest certain programs for you to follow daily.....additionally....as we have done....you can pick and choose which workout you'd like to do for the day!! I've tried kettle bell which I had never done before.....the traditional circuit training where you do intervals of weights and cardio....I've tried the traditional cardio boxing...yoga.....and sooooo much more!! I LOVE DAILY BURN!! :O)

Because Daily Burn is a paid monthly subscription after the first 30 days.....of course I started researching deals and found through online searches....Klutch Club!! The site shows a picture of a $30 gift card for Daily Burn and even does a little write up on it....included under the weight loss box in addition to earbuds and then several samples of weight loss foods. I ordered the box and blogged about my excitement!!

Got the box the other day......

Firstly....the box was really little...and I thought uh-oh!!

Secondly....I opened it to find a few samples....roasted hemp seeds (ummmm alright????).....a red beet savory tea bag (yummmmm!! NOT!!)....an appetite suppressing sucker (haven't tried but ok!!)....cocoa beans to be brewed like coffee (this I will probably use!!)....coconut water...and a couple other samples!!

And finally....my gift card....it was a $1 off coupon on core protein!!


I am soooooo disappointed!! Upon re-reading the description....it does state "your box may include..." but c'mon!! Pictured is $70 or $80 worth of products....I got 6 samples most of which I will NEVER try....beet tea and hemp seeds??????? I paid $22.50!! (I found a first time customer discount and free shipping codes)

I did email them with my concerns....and have heard nothing but silence BTW!!! Sooo.... please forgive me for suggesting this site!! I pray no one else tried them...and if you did on my recommendation....I am soooooo very sorry!!!


However.....I stand beside Daily Burn!!
Have a great day.....after all.....IT'S FRIIIIIIIDAAAAAY!!!! :O)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

You Will Not Believe It!!!

Guess what......hold on.....you better sit down for this one!! Are you ready? No.....I mean get ready to split your gut!! Are you sure.....okay.....

Rick says you don't just sell your house and move when it gets dirty!!

LOL!! ha ha ha ha ha ha!! I know.....right!! What an insane idea!! Geesh!! Next.....he's gonna tell me I can't throw away our clothes and buy new ones when they get dirty!! ha ha ha haaaaaaa!! Oh brother!! I love that man....but sometimes.......he is really out there!!

Have a great afternoon!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January Auction

So very sorry for the delay in the auction!! Woooo-weeeee this migraine was a doooosy!! :O( But today I was completely headache free soooo......


Preview pix will be up at 8pm with bidding beginning at 9pm and the auction will run through Friday at 9pm!!

Thanks a bunch y'all!! Can't wait for ya to see what we got for ya!! :O)


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Due to a migraine......the auction is postponed till Friday evening!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Get Your Bidding Signal Ready!!!

Last month Rick & I decided to try something different!! For years....folks have been asking for online sales....and so we thought this was the a fun way to offer that!! :O)

December's auction was a great success....although we have gotten many calls and emails stating folks were unable to place bids!! :O( Apparently I didn't take into consideration that you must be my "friend" on facebook to comment.....and you must have a google account to comment here!! So folks could see what we were offering....but unable to bid!! Therefore....this month....we are going to additionally accepting bids via our email!!

Sooooo....bidding will be accepted.....

                  on facebook: Stacey McClure

                  here on this blog

                  or by email: fishinmccs@frontier.com

Bidding will be in whole dollar amounts and paid via paypal or cashiers check sent via snail mail!! I will keep both facebook and the blog updated with the current bid.....and respond if you are bidding via email to ensure that your bid was received!!

Winning bidder pays shipping determined from 44615 and usually through UPS due to an account we have with them allowing for a small discount!! (If we figure that USPS is cheaper tho.....we will certainly send it thru them!!) :O)

January's auction will be available for preview Sunday (Jan 12) at 8pm with bidding from 9pm Sunday thru Wed (Jan 15) at 9pm!!

We'll see ya Sunday evening!! Get your bidding signal ready!! :O)


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Continuing Adventures of Maggie Mae

You may remember Maggie Mae the crazy cat.....and her continuing adventures. Welp......yea!! She is still crazy!!

I think I heard one of our feathered friends yell, "I tought I taw a putty tat!!"
Stay warm!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

ooooooooo Baby!!!

It is cold out there!! :O)
Keep warm
by drinking large amounts of coffee
and imagining
what will be up for auction by us in a short while!! :O)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New You in the New Year?

Have you heard of Daily Burn? Oh my gosh!! It is amazing!! It is actually an online exercise source that you can view via either your computer.....a smartTV.....or as we have thru xbox online!!

Brady and I have been using the free 1 month review.....and have LOVED every workout we've done!! There are millions (not really but a lot) to choose from...yoga(yuck).....Pilate's(super yuck)......cardio (which I have a love/hate relationship with)......weight strength training (LOVE).....tabata (love/hate).....and so much more which we haven't even begun to look at!!

You put in what your level of exercise is (like for instance.....last week I wiggled my little toe and that's as much exercise as I've had in 14 years)......how much time you have to workout (I prefer to burn 4000 calories in no longer than 5 minutes....and not sweat).....and they suggest a program.....you can choose that program....or another.....or just look around and pick any workout you'd like each time!! LOVE it!!

So.......while searching for info on Daily Burn.....I also found KlutchClub!!
I just tried it for the first time......ordering the Best of Weight Loss box!! I can't wait to get it because guess what is included along with all the other goodies.......a $30 gift card to Daily Burn!! I know.....right.....AWESOME!!! Especially since the Klutchclub box was $25!! A no-brainer right!!!

So.......there you go!! If you wanna try either of these.....you really should!! I really think you'd like 'em!! If you'd like to try out the Klutchclub.....click here to tell 'em I sent ya (I will earn points if you decide to join)......and let me know wha'cha think!! Misery loves company you know!! :O)

Happy New Year y'all!! We are back in the shop on Monday so watch for our next auction soon!!