Friday, May 9, 2014


I have posted a bit on facebook about my recent weight loss adventures....and for those of you who are not on facebook I thought I'd share a bit here!! :O)

A few years ago I did the Medifast diet and lost a large amount of weight and felt wonderful!! However.....I did not follow the transition plan and had a really hard time then transitioning onto "real food" on my own....DUH right!! So fast forward and there I was again.....unhealthy!! So....I went back to Medifast!!

I LOVE Medifast!! Thru it you eat 5 of their YUMMY meals and 1 lean and green meal that you prepare!! It is sooooo simple and takes the thinking out of your "diet"!! You eat every 2 or 3 hours so you're not grab a simple to prepare packet and in 2 minutes you're having your meal!! I need the control.....the discipline of Medifast to get me started and then once I am in control of my mindless grazing habits.....Medifast affords me the simplicity and speed to grab and go and not take a ton of time to prepare when I feel crazy busy!!'s quick weight loss leaving me motivated to continue!! It's a great tool for me!!

When Brady came home.....he's an exercise nut and wanted me to join him....I was hesitant because it is a low calorie diet and didn't want to jeopardize my already slower losses....but since the goal is health....I decided to go ahead and join him!! We started walking about 45 minutes to an hour each night....and guess what.....the weight loss has picked up!! LOL!! I've lost 3 pounds in 2 days!! LOL!! I don't expect this kind of loss to continue....back to a more steady slower pace I'm sure....but lesson learned!! This journey is to get back to health...not necessarily a set number on the scale!! :O)

So there you name is Stacey....and left to my own devises....I eat mindlessly to control stress which creates more stress which makes me out of control which leads to...... :O) .......and now at 21 (I am 21..... stop laughing) I am going to finally gain control over my mind and my behind (uuuummmmm well at least my behind....the mind is probably a lost cause)!! Should you want info (several have asked about Medifast which is why I'm sharing this)'s my code.....they have great deals for beginners...and by using my code....I get a couple bucks too!! :O)

I pray you don't see this as an info-mercial because truly it is not!! For me...Medifast is a great tool but I can see how it may not be right for every person!! I share this because quite a few have asked about what I'm doing!! :O) If you have questions let me know....and if you have weight loss thoughts and tips....please share!! :O)
And now.....I'm back to work!! Our next auction will be next weekend!! Woooo Hooooo and a little moooooo tooo!!! LOL!! It's an all animal lineup!! :O)
C-ya then!!

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