Monday, April 14, 2014

A Very Humble Thank You

After each and every show.....Rick & I walk away feeling soooo very blessed...and completely renewed!! "Thank you" just simply is not enough to express our gratitude to you all!! I simply am amazed that folks are so wonderful.....rushing to our booth to be first in!! Waiting in line to get into the booth only to wait in line once again to pay!! You are all sooooo gracious in your compliments....and remain giggly over the whole situation!! May God bless you all as He has blessed us with you!!

A special thank you to Carolyn, Carol and Julie for all of your work!! You guys all do an amazing job compiling awesome vendors and making the show run sooooo smoothly!!

Here's a lil' gander at our booth.....


You have creatively rejuvenated us.....stay tuned for our next monthly auction sometime this week!! :O)
Have a grand day!!
Rick & Stacey 


trisha Stevens said...

Was so very pleased and excited with my chandelier and wash room board/gathering! They look amazing and am so tickled with them in my home! Thank you again!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Man, I wish I lived closer!! Your booth looked great, Stace! Heck, I would sit and hang with you too! I'd be like the guest who wouldn't leave. ((giggle))