Friday, February 28, 2014

Calling all Local Friends

This afternoon Rick & I took out a few loverlies into Brenda at Carrollton Country Flowers.

An awesome cabinet made out of old this and that.....and a few bunny folk to brighten up your heart during this crap-o-la long winter!! :O)

Such a cute shop packed full of treasures!! Stop in.....say howdy.....and tell her we sent ya!! :O)

TTFN y'all!! Keep warm and stay safe as we plow thru' anooooother winter storm!! Let me know when spring's here!! :O)



Primitive Stars said...

Morning, oh I so love the bunny, prim perfect, Keep Warm, Francine.

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Love your bunnies! ~*~Lisa

Tina said...

Such cuties. I am so ready to get out and about. I'm tired of this weather. Put your show schedule up. and it would be so great to have a list of the shops you are in. I'd love to do some exploring and shopping. Blessings to you friend,