Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New You in the New Year?

Have you heard of Daily Burn? Oh my gosh!! It is amazing!! It is actually an online exercise source that you can view via either your computer.....a smartTV.....or as we have thru xbox online!!

Brady and I have been using the free 1 month review.....and have LOVED every workout we've done!! There are millions (not really but a lot) to choose's(super yuck)......cardio (which I have a love/hate relationship with)......weight strength training (LOVE).....tabata (love/hate).....and so much more which we haven't even begun to look at!!

You put in what your level of exercise is (like for instance.....last week I wiggled my little toe and that's as much exercise as I've had in 14 years) much time you have to workout (I prefer to burn 4000 calories in no longer than 5 minutes....and not sweat).....and they suggest a can choose that program....or another.....or just look around and pick any workout you'd like each time!! LOVE it!!

So.......while searching for info on Daily Burn.....I also found KlutchClub!!
I just tried it for the first time......ordering the Best of Weight Loss box!! I can't wait to get it because guess what is included along with all the other goodies.......a $30 gift card to Daily Burn!! I know.....right.....AWESOME!!! Especially since the Klutchclub box was $25!! A no-brainer right!!!

So.......there you go!! If you wanna try either of really should!! I really think you'd like 'em!! If you'd like to try out the here to tell 'em I sent ya (I will earn points if you decide to join)......and let me know wha'cha think!! Misery loves company you know!! :O)

Happy New Year y'all!! We are back in the shop on Monday so watch for our next auction soon!!


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