Friday, January 10, 2014

Get Your Bidding Signal Ready!!!

Last month Rick & I decided to try something different!! For years....folks have been asking for online sales....and so we thought this was the a fun way to offer that!! :O)

December's auction was a great success....although we have gotten many calls and emails stating folks were unable to place bids!! :O( Apparently I didn't take into consideration that you must be my "friend" on facebook to comment.....and you must have a google account to comment here!! So folks could see what we were offering....but unable to bid!! Therefore....this month....we are going to additionally accepting bids via our email!!

Sooooo....bidding will be accepted.....

                  on facebook: Stacey McClure

                  here on this blog

                  or by email:

Bidding will be in whole dollar amounts and paid via paypal or cashiers check sent via snail mail!! I will keep both facebook and the blog updated with the current bid.....and respond if you are bidding via email to ensure that your bid was received!!

Winning bidder pays shipping determined from 44615 and usually through UPS due to an account we have with them allowing for a small discount!! (If we figure that USPS is cheaper tho.....we will certainly send it thru them!!) :O)

January's auction will be available for preview Sunday (Jan 12) at 8pm with bidding from 9pm Sunday thru Wed (Jan 15) at 9pm!!

We'll see ya Sunday evening!! Get your bidding signal ready!! :O)


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