Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Be Still and Know.....

I pray you find moments of quiet amongst the hustle and bustle of the season....
...and know......
....that you are loved!!
.....that you are appreciated!!
.....that you are cherished!!

Thank you for an amazing year!!
We appreciated your business.....but more importantly....we appreciate you!!
The moments we share laughing and musing at the shows are sooooo very special to us!! The emails and the comments and the phone calls.....the fact that many of you stand in line to purchase from us .....the loverly thoughts you share on what you're doin' with our wares!! They mean more to us than you can imagine!!
Thank you!!
Rick & I love what we do.....and we can't wait to create for y'all next!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Oh Goodness Thank You!!

Thank you sooooo very much to all who played along with our first online auction!! It was great fun and quite a success!! Everything sold and will be going out to their new homes this week!! We look forward to our next auction in January!!

We hope to continue.....sometimes offering wood.....sometime cloth....but always our handmade uniqueness!! :O) If you have tips or suggestions.....please let us know!! We'd love to hear from ya!!

And now.......off to box up the treasures!! Have a grand Monday y'all!!


Friday, December 13, 2013

"It is Well With My Soul!!"

Taking pix for the big auction tonite.......happy......blessed......at peace!!

Indeed.....it is well with my soul!!
C-ya tonite at 8pm with the preview and 9p for bidding!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tune In on Friday!!

Rick & I have decided to try something a little different!! For a long time.....folks have been asking how they can purchase out wares in between shows!! While Dad's Primitive Workbench carries our wares year round.....we thought it might be fun to start offering a few things up for auction once a month or so!!

The auction will be on my Facebook...highest bid wins....payable through paypal or cashiers check by snailmail!! Our first auction will begin Friday.....(Dec 13) at 9pm and run through Sunday......(Dec 15) at 9pm!! I will post pictures of the wares by 8pm on Friday......and bidding will begin at 9!!

Additionally......I will post the pictures here on the blog as well!! If you would like to participate in the auction.....but have no facebook account.....you may post your bid in the comment section on the post containing the pictures during the auction times (Fri 9p - Sun 9p) and I will apply your bid (or inform you if your bid amount has already been surpassed)!!

Thank you soooooo very much!! We are really excited to hear what you think!! Enjoy your Thursday!! C-ya on Friday!! :O)

Nighty night!!