Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tune In on Friday!!

Rick & I have decided to try something a little different!! For a long time.....folks have been asking how they can purchase out wares in between shows!! While Dad's Primitive Workbench carries our wares year round.....we thought it might be fun to start offering a few things up for auction once a month or so!!

The auction will be on my Facebook...highest bid wins....payable through paypal or cashiers check by snailmail!! Our first auction will begin Friday.....(Dec 13) at 9pm and run through Sunday......(Dec 15) at 9pm!! I will post pictures of the wares by 8pm on Friday......and bidding will begin at 9!!

Additionally......I will post the pictures here on the blog as well!! If you would like to participate in the auction.....but have no facebook may post your bid in the comment section on the post containing the pictures during the auction times (Fri 9p - Sun 9p) and I will apply your bid (or inform you if your bid amount has already been surpassed)!!

Thank you soooooo very much!! We are really excited to hear what you think!! Enjoy your Thursday!! C-ya on Friday!! :O)

Nighty night!!

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melissa wells said...

'ya know, a little shop at your place would be a whooooolllllle lot simpler! 'jus sayin! hint hint hint!!!!!!!!!!!!!