Monday, August 5, 2013

We Par-tay'ed!!

This weekend.....we celebrated Brady's graduation......him turning 18 in a couple weeks.....and prepared him for his journey toward the Class of 2017 at THE Ohio State University!! Wow!! What an amazing group of friends and family we have!!

OH MY GOSH!!  A friend and caterer prepared a fine feast for us all to enjoy!! Rick of Mama De' are an amazing friend.....and an even better cooker!! LOL!! Everyone soooooo enjoyed the food!!

A few years back...we found an amazing bakery in "Philly" that we of course I called Litty's....and ordered the yummy half white....half chocolate cake with banana Bavarian cream filling per Brady's desires!! We took down the pix for the decorating and paid the bill!! On Friday when we went to pick up the masterpiece.....there was a note and cash attached to our receipt with a note letting us know.....someone had come in and paid the bill!! OH MY GOSH!! What a generous and thoughtful act of kindness!! Through wet noodle interrogations.......we found that Rick's sister and brother-in-law Donna & Donald bestowed the gift!! WOW!!! Everyone sooooooo enjoyed the cake!!

The McClure's are blessed beyond measure with an amazing group of friends and family who came out to celebrate with Brady!! Truly each and every invite we sent was to a person who in some way played an important part in Brady's life!! We decided that indeed there were many of his teachers who should for sure be invited to thank them for they surely helped build the firm foundation upon which Brady now stands!! many came!! It was sooooooo much fun catching up and remembering with them!!

We had decorated the tables with snapshots of Brady throughout the years!! Baby with friends laughing......class pictures!! Everyone laughed at Rick's dark young we looked.....goofy hair styles.....and how much love Brady has always been surrounded by!! Truly my family has been blessed!!

Brady begins his new journey in a week and a half fully prepared to hit the ground running!! Thank you to each and every one of you....Family!!.....Friends!!....and each of you reading from afar too!! I know many of you keep him close in prayer and share with us a comment or two at our shows!! Thank you for that!! :O) Again.....we truly are blessed!!

My cup runneth over.....and it seems the overflow streams from my eyes as I remember the babe in my arms......the lil' boy running around.....the crabby teen stomping around :O)....and now the amazing man blooming before my eyes!! Indeed.....I am truly blessed!!

Thanks for sharing with us......and on a side note.......I get to start making my own schedule just a week and a half!! LOL!! Enjoy your week my friends!!


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Penny said...

Congratulations to everyone!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day, shared with all those who mean so much to you... what could be better than that?! :)
Sending best wishes for Brady as he starts college.... I hope it is an amazing experience for him!!