Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We Are Sooooo Very Proud

He received the call late last week!!

Brady has been awarded an interview with Princeton University!!

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon as Brady takes another step toward his amazing future!! The Lord truly blessed this kid with an amazing brain......and Brady has worked very hard to provide himself a firm foundation on which to build his future in the physics world!!

Rick and I could not be more proud of our "little man"!! We love you Brady!! And now.......go get 'em kid!!

Hope you're all having a grand week!! Nighty night night night!! :O)

BTW.....what is up with blogger????? I haven't been able to post pix!! I've been working for over an hour and a half trying to get pix on here and it will not!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!


jennifer768 said...

Congrats to Brady!I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers today.Hugs,Jen

Cheryl said...

The best of wishes to Brady on his interview, and you should be very proud of what all your young man has accomplished so far.
The future is his and it sounds like he is ready to conquer it!
Take care and see you in April at GT!

melissa wells said...

Wow! Awesome to say some day I may be related to a Princeton graduate.. even if distantly!

Tina said...

Change the world Brady!!!

congrats! Oh and I had to switch my browser to Google Chrome to get it to post pics again. Found that help in blogger help. Hope this is helpful to you,