Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And the Countdown Begins.....

I really want ot hand-make the invites/announcements for Brady's graduation and/or going away party and so today I've been playing with "My Memories Suite". This is the first attempt.....wha'do'ya think???? I'm liking it a lot.....with a different pix....but love the coloring!! :O) Let me know wha'cha think....tips and pointers!! I'd love to hear more!!

.......and as the countdown grows closer and closer to graduation day.....I admire my son and the man he is becoming more and more each day!! This is such an exciting journey....and I can't wait to enjoy each and every moment!! (can't wait.....or am scared to death....whichever!!) LOL!! :O)

Happy 2013 friends!!

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