Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Be Still and Know.....

I pray you find moments of quiet amongst the hustle and bustle of the season....
...and know......
....that you are loved!!
.....that you are appreciated!!
.....that you are cherished!!

Thank you for an amazing year!!
We appreciated your business.....but more importantly....we appreciate you!!
The moments we share laughing and musing at the shows are sooooo very special to us!! The emails and the comments and the phone calls.....the fact that many of you stand in line to purchase from us .....the loverly thoughts you share on what you're doin' with our wares!! They mean more to us than you can imagine!!
Thank you!!
Rick & I love what we do.....and we can't wait to create for y'all next!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Oh Goodness Thank You!!

Thank you sooooo very much to all who played along with our first online auction!! It was great fun and quite a success!! Everything sold and will be going out to their new homes this week!! We look forward to our next auction in January!!

We hope to continue.....sometimes offering wood.....sometime cloth....but always our handmade uniqueness!! :O) If you have tips or suggestions.....please let us know!! We'd love to hear from ya!!

And now.......off to box up the treasures!! Have a grand Monday y'all!!


Friday, December 13, 2013

"It is Well With My Soul!!"

Taking pix for the big auction tonite.......happy......blessed......at peace!!

Indeed.....it is well with my soul!!
C-ya tonite at 8pm with the preview and 9p for bidding!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tune In on Friday!!

Rick & I have decided to try something a little different!! For a long time.....folks have been asking how they can purchase out wares in between shows!! While Dad's Primitive Workbench carries our wares year round.....we thought it might be fun to start offering a few things up for auction once a month or so!!

The auction will be on my Facebook...highest bid wins....payable through paypal or cashiers check by snailmail!! Our first auction will begin Friday.....(Dec 13) at 9pm and run through Sunday......(Dec 15) at 9pm!! I will post pictures of the wares by 8pm on Friday......and bidding will begin at 9!!

Additionally......I will post the pictures here on the blog as well!! If you would like to participate in the auction.....but have no facebook account.....you may post your bid in the comment section on the post containing the pictures during the auction times (Fri 9p - Sun 9p) and I will apply your bid (or inform you if your bid amount has already been surpassed)!!

Thank you soooooo very much!! We are really excited to hear what you think!! Enjoy your Thursday!! C-ya on Friday!! :O)

Nighty night!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Scoot on over to Gathered Treasures this weekend.....

.......pull up a seat.....

......and chat a spell!!
We'll see ya there!!
Gathered Treasures
at the Richland Country Fairgrounds
Mansfield, OH
Saturday November 2
9a - 4p

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Through the Sawdust and Threads........

....beauties are beginning to emerge!!
Come to Malabar Farms in 2 weeks and share in the fun of In the Spirit of Friends!!
We'll see ya there!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy 18th Birthday

August 25, 1995 was a day like no other!! My greatest blessing was born!! Brady was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen......looking into my eyes......and then screaming....LOUDLY!! It was the day Rick & I had prayed for over and over....year after year.....and it was amazing!!
The days rolled on......our blessing grew into a beautiful baby who was bright eyed and curious!! He grew into an inquisitive toddler questioning everything and conquering each task!! He grew into a little boy who loved to learn and read and play in the woods and read and play video games and read!! And then...... he grew into a man who is bright and good looking and kind and caring....and these things happened over night!!
Sometimes......I look at Brady and I still see my little boy....my beautiful baby!! Sometimes....I look at him and I'm amazed at his talents and the way he has risen to each and every challenge before him!! And sometimes.....every time I look at him and wonder what I ever did to deserve such an amazing kid!!
Happy 18th birthday sweet child of mine!! May you be blessed with as much joy as you've given us!! May you giggle and belly-laugh.....may you learn....and love and grow!! And may you know that you are loved more than you can imagine.....from here to the moon and back a whole bunch of times!!
Happy Birthday Brady!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Where's Pooh When You Need Him?

Rick and I were sitting outside for a moment after dinner and look.....

Even closer.....

Uh oh!! I got stung twice the other night while Brady and I were walking and these puppies are venomous this year!! The only thing.....they are working so hard....and it is soooo pretty....I kinda want to let them build a little while longer so that once they are all gone.....I can have the hive!! :O)

Oooooohhhhh Riiiiiiiick!!!
Have a buzzin' good weekend!!
Tah Tah for Now!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.
                                                                      ~Isaiah 41:10
We went to a new church Sunday and this was the verse. It was what I needed!!
I am still.....

....but I am also excited!!

Have a great week friends!! Kiss your kids and hold on extra tight!! :O)



Oh! The Places You'll Go!!

Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!" ...

..."Kid, you’ll move mountains!
So…be your name Buxbaum or Bixby or Bray or Mordecai Ale Van Allen O’Shea, you’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So…get on your way!"
By Dr Seuss


Monday, August 12, 2013

How Now Brown Cow?

Milk!! It does a body good!!

It certainly makes for strong minds and strong bones and strong bodies!!

However......for a laptop......milk ain't so good!! :O( In fact it's kinda like......
Our sweet and darling Miss Bella....
....is a little rambunctious!! While "visiting" Brady in his room (meaning flying around like the tazmanian devil)......a glass of milk got spilled all over Brady's laptop!!
Brady's expression....

We took it to our "computer fix-it guy" (I'm pretty sure that's his title!!) and he goes....
....and so we told dad that Brady had to go get a new laptop for school cause he leaves Thursday and Rick goes.....
Sooooo.......we had a fun weekend!! How was yours?????? :O) Have a great week!!



....all is forgiven!! :O)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Boat For Sale!!

Our Fall Line-Up

We are busily working away every free moment we can muster....preparing for our fall line-up of shows and special adventures!! We will proudly attend....

In the Spirit of Friends
September 28

10a - 4p
Malabar Farm
4050 Bromfield Rd
Lucas, OH
A Simple Country Gathering
October 5, 2013
9a - 3p
Days Gone By
13925 St. Rt. 644
Hanoverton, OH
Gathered Treasures
November 2, 2013
10a - 4p
Richland County Fairgrounds
750 North Home Rd.
Mansfield, OH
We also may through in a few surprises so you'll have to keep watching!! LOL!!
Sadly......we are unable to attend Piney Creek's A Humble Past this weekend....but do check it out!! It is always a great show and Debbie (and her home) are just amazing!! Bring the kids.....there are lots of animals to chat with!! Bring the hubs.....there is some great food!! And for sure bring your wallets cause Debbie's shop is AMAZING!!!! :O)
Have a grand day y'all!! Start saving your pennies today and plan on coming to see us this fall!! :O)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Uh Oh!!

Guess what day it is.........

Woooooo Hooooooo!! Happy hump day!! tee hee hee!!


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm Melting!! Meeeeee-lting!!

I love being in my 40's I tell ya!! This is me one moment.....

.....and then here I am 5 minutes later.....

Here I am graciously asking for a little assistance from Rick......
Here I am when he has asked how my day was.....
It's funny though.....no one has really even noticed these slight lil' changes....

.......sooooo.....it's all good!! And now.....
....or whatever!! tee hee hee!!
TTFN y'all!!


Monday, August 5, 2013

We Par-tay'ed!!

This weekend.....we celebrated Brady's graduation......him turning 18 in a couple weeks.....and prepared him for his journey toward the Class of 2017 at THE Ohio State University!! Wow!! What an amazing group of friends and family we have!!

OH MY GOSH!!  A friend and caterer prepared a fine feast for us all to enjoy!! Rick of Mama De's.....you are an amazing friend.....and an even better cooker!! LOL!! Everyone soooooo enjoyed the food!!

A few years back...we found an amazing bakery in "Philly" that we like....so of course I called Litty's....and ordered the yummy half white....half chocolate cake with banana Bavarian cream filling per Brady's desires!! We took down the pix for the decorating and paid the bill!! On Friday when we went to pick up the masterpiece.....there was a note and cash attached to our receipt with a note letting us know.....someone had come in and paid the bill!! OH MY GOSH!! What a generous and thoughtful act of kindness!! Through wet noodle interrogations.......we found that Rick's sister and brother-in-law Donna & Donald bestowed the gift!! WOW!!! Everyone sooooooo enjoyed the cake!!

The McClure's are blessed beyond measure with an amazing group of friends and family who came out to celebrate with Brady!! Truly each and every invite we sent was to a person who in some way played an important part in Brady's life!! We decided that indeed there were many of his teachers who should for sure be invited to thank them for they surely helped build the firm foundation upon which Brady now stands!! Thankfully.....so many came!! It was sooooooo much fun catching up and remembering with them!!

We had decorated the tables with snapshots of Brady throughout the years!! Baby pictures.....pictures with friends laughing......class pictures....family pictures!! Everyone laughed at Rick's dark hair.....how young we looked.....goofy hair styles.....and how much love Brady has always been surrounded by!! Truly my family has been blessed!!

Brady begins his new journey in a week and a half fully prepared to hit the ground running!! Thank you to each and every one of you....Family!!.....Friends!!....and each of you reading from afar too!! I know many of you keep him close in prayer and share with us a comment or two at our shows!! Thank you for that!! :O) Again.....we truly are blessed!!

My cup runneth over.....and it seems the overflow streams from my eyes as I remember the babe in my arms......the lil' boy running around.....the crabby teen stomping around :O)....and now the amazing man blooming before my eyes!! Indeed.....I am truly blessed!!

Thanks for sharing with us......and on a side note.......I get to start making my own schedule again.....in just a week and a half!! LOL!! Enjoy your week my friends!!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Is It REALLY Just Me??????

Brady and I have always loved walking together......or riding our bikes!! We routinely walk into grandmas and go to Scio bike trail. We've always said we'd love to trek a great distance....."some day"!! Well......we decided a few weeks back that we would indeed trek to Minerva from our home.....a journey across the back country roads to avoid traffic....nearly 12 miles!!

Together for that big of an adventure......it provided a great block of time to chat.....something I will cherish forever and ever......once my memory comes back from nearly croaking by walking 12 miles!!

Brady is a brain!! VERY highly intelligent!! Clinical and precise in his thinking!! I am NOT!!! I am creative and big on common sense and so it has always been a challenge for me to teach him anything because I had to first figure out how he was approaching whatever the task at hand be!! As he grew....his "brain" amazed me.....and I often quiz him to try and see exactly what it must be like up there!! Surprisingly......he's not even a little curious what it's like to live in my brain!! :O)

On our long walk......I asked him if he too had a continual conversation going in his brain about nothing.....about everything.....creating and dreaming? He looked at me as though I had 4 heads sprout from my shoulders!! Sooooo......I pried in complete disbelief.......no really......what do the voices in your head say?????? At this point......I think his plan to institutionalize me was confirmed......and moved up on the calendar a few years!! :O) This got me thinking though........seriously......y'all don't have a continual conversation going on?????? It can't really be just me.......right?????!!?!?! :o0

Alrighty........the voices are telling me it's time to get to work!!
Have a great party with all "your friends"!!


btw......what a great sense of accomplishment to complete such a journey!! We plan to go again soon!! Try it!! You might like it!!

Thank Yous and Stuff

Let me start out by saying......Rick and Brady and I are sooooooo very blessed!! Sometimes....when I ponder.....it is overwhelming just how many great things happen to and around us!! You all are a blessing.....and I want to say mostly and loudly....THANK YOU!!

This past few months have been a little off kilter around here!! Rick and I have always tried very hard to put our family first.....so we had planned to take a little bit of time off this year for Brady's graduating year....college planning.....and now college preparing!! In the world of handmades......and being my only source of supplemental income....this was a little scary......but we truly wanted to enjoy this special time in Brady's life!! This post is to catch up.......explain our reasoning's.....and to hand out some much deserved thank yous!!

So here's our life at home.....

Dern!! Dern!! Dern-it if Brady didn't go and grow up when I wasn't looking!! He graduated with sooooo many honors!! We are soooooo very proud of him.....his accomplishments......and most importantly.....the man he is becoming!! He has decided to attend THE Ohio State University to study Honors Engineering Physics and hopes to be a future employee for a firm similar to Space-X in CA!! He has been working 2 jobs......and will be moving to Columbus mid-August.....a little early as he also got a job at school!! See!!! I got a great kid!! :O)

My mom has been having some health issues resulting in a few ER runs and doctors visits galore!! It's really scary as our parents age!! My dad has been gone for 7 years now......and mom has been amazing.....sometimes dragging me behind her when a good sale at Macy's is happening!! :O) She's doing great......and actually really healthy!! But sometimes aging stinks....not that I'd know cause......y'know.....I'm only 25!! :O) My time with her is precious and I cherish each and every moment!!

And here's what's up with the biz.....

During a time of stress......when one steps back a smidgen from a home business in such a competitive field.....a lot of things happen....and in your stress these things affect you more I think!! It seems.....that different folks handle a fellow dealer's "break" in different manners!! Sadly.....some have decided that they smell blood in the water and have chosen this time to attack!! We have had more ideas ripped-off this past year than ever!! It's sad really.....cause the copy-cats really aren't fooling anyone (by the comments shoppers are making to us) except maybe themselves!! Even more sad......many are very talented artists who produce really nice work.....they should just simply use their own ideas or stick with patterns which they purchase honestly!!

Happily though....I must say....this time has confirmed my belief in folks!! Most are truly amazing!! We have received sooooo many acts of kindness!! At one of our shows last fall.....we sold completely out.....in a very short amount of time!! Understandably.....some shoppers were upset feeling that perhaps we were picked over through wholesaling prior to the show starting!! So this spring.....we opened for sales only once the doors were open to the public!! We worked very hard to have a very full booth with extras in the van to replace quick sales....but our booth was very full of buyers at opening too!! LOL!! Everyone was soooooooo great....waiting in line to get in the booth.....waiting in line to pay......and everyone was soooooo gracious!! That's amazing!! You guys are amazing and awesome!!

I haven't taken time to get online due to running here and there so much.....but I can't tell you how many nice comments and emails and messages we've received checking in for an update....asking where we'll be next.....checking for new wares!! Thank you all soooooo very much!! We will proudly be at In the Spirit of Friends in September, A Simple Country Gathering in October, and Gathered Treasures in November along with a special event at Dad's Primitive Workbench in November!! Watch for updates coming soon!!

We have turned down quite a few show opportunities this year too!! Rick and I want to honestly and graciously extend our thanks to each and every one of you for your understanding and your faith in us through your offers!! We truly take each of our showings very seriously and work very hard to prepare a nice booth-full of offerings....to represent ourselves.....but to also represent your show well!! If we feel we cannot do so to the best of our ability....we simply feel like it is better to pass then to show up ill-prepared!! So.....THANK YOU!!!! sooooo very much.....and again....keep us on your lists cause next year we are back BIG!! :O)

We have heard a few rumblings suggesting that perhaps we are only wholesaling....please know that this is just simply NOT the case!! A mere one year ago.....an amazing thing happened.....a grand opportunity.....but an even greater friendship began!! A dynamic duo happened upon our booth at a show.....and......this new adventure began!! Charlie Clay from Dad's Primitive Workbench in Marietta has provided us a destination for pure and simple joy and release!! When we take a load south......it is a day away from all else!! For anyone who has visited Dad's.....you understand this escape!! Firstly.....Dad's is chuck full of amazing wares that will have you salivating from the moment you enter!! Secondly.....Charlie and his friends are the most amazing folks!! I am sure they have NEVER known a stranger but they have opened their arms and hearts to our family fully!! Rick and I gladly offer Charlie our wares which allows all of you the opportunity to have a day of escape for yourself....in between the grand shows we attend!! Many of our loyal followers have taken our advise......and know exactly how awesome of a day-trip it is!! Charlie and his sister Ashley are a part of our family......and we are proud to offer and thankful for our bond of both friendship and business!!

So I hope this explains our choices over the last short while and updates y'all on where we've been!! Trust me when I say our work benches are full....the machines are whirling....and the offerings are coming together!! We will have a few things available here and there over the next few weeks......and we will have a fully loaded booth of yummies ready for In the Spirit of Friends in September!! Mark your calendars....and watch for updates coming very soon!!

Thanks again to each and every one of you!! You are a true blessing!! Keep checkin' in...and keep truckin' on!! :O)

Toodles for today!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

CHS Class of 2013

The festivities have begun......

The awards bestowed.....

The dreams have been dreamed.....

And now.....

....it is time to let our baby grow!!

We love you Brady more than you can imagine....to infinity and back a whole bunch of times!! :O)

May God shower blessings upon blessings on the CHS Class of 2013!!

Proudly.....Brady's mom!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Love at First Sight

The rescue named her Annabella......we shall call her Bella!!
Pure love!! :O)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rick IS Always Right!!

For years......Rick has suggested that I drive a little too fast!! I have always corrected him stating that was impossible 'cause I've NEVER been picked up.....proof positive right!!

Uuuuummmmmm.......yesterday on the way home from a stress-filled day......

......I kinda......sorta......may have been going just a weeeeee teeeeeny tiny bit over the speed limit....but just barely......

.....and got picked up.....and not in a good way!! Not like I was sooooo attractive that the State Highway Patrolman couldn't resist.....but picked up as in ma'am you're a danger to society kinda way!!

Worse......my poor dear mother was with me.....

So......publicly.....please allow me to apologize to my wonderfully terrific.....and much "righter than me" husband!! Rick.....you are always right......at least this one teeeeeeny tiny little time!! :O) (Thank you for being soooooo wonderful!!)

Drive carefully folks!! It really is the law!! :O)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Good Day

Soooo......this is me today.....

......and this is my brain today......

......but this is my to-do list......

......so this is my coffee cup!!

But.....I'm gonna put on my smile......

.....and pull up my.....


.....and enjoy the day!!

Happy Monday!!