Saturday, March 31, 2012

Folklore Says.....

....this means it's going to be a baaaa-aaad winter!!

Have a grand weekend my friends!! Enjoy each and every moment!! :O)


Friday, March 30, 2012


......National Pencil Day!!

I know you thought I forgot.....but nope!!! I remembered.......:O) May it be the best National Pencil Day you've ever had!! :O)

Toodles toots!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

You Big Turkey!!

The field across the road is full of 'em this morning!! I'm tellin' ya.....this place is a zoo!! :O)

Enjoy your Thursday.....the weekend is in sight!! wooo hoooo!! :O)


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What a Birdbrain!!

Oh forever more.......NO!!! Not me....and I'm offended that that's what you thought!! tisk!! tisk!! :O) .....

No......this horny bird....

.....he's a stud muffin that's for sure!! He's puffin' his feathers and struttin' his stuff about the feeder!! He can spin the tunes.....he squawks every 3.2 seconds!! But......he may be a little less than brainy.....since it's his own reflection he's obsessed with!!

Last year.....he came.....and loved....for a few weeks before he sulked away sad and alone....only to return for one last try this year!! Poor guy!! Although...I must say......his pick up lines have not improved....I just heard him scream, "would you like some fries with that shake honey?" YIKES!!

Oh well......happy "HUMP DAY" y'all!! **giggling like a 12 year old boy** Enjoy it!! :O)


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Alright, Fine!!!!

I found myself arguing with one of my creations yesterday.....until I finally said aloud to her.....

"Alright, fine!! Go ahead and be a lumpy *itch then!!"

I don't think I've crossed the line into you?????? (please remember that I just admitted to arguing with a fluff filled bag of cloth.....perhaps you should just smile....and politely agree!! Just sayin'!!)

Alrighty then!! I'm off to drown her in coffee.....and throw her in the oven!! :O) Have a great day!!


Monday, March 26, 2012

It's a Little Chilly Out There......

.....snuggle up with a friend!!

Have a great Monday!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Now how 'bout those plans to attend Gathered Treasures??? :O)

Come and get 'em!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Is It Friday Yet????

Have a great weekend friends!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yea!! That's Me Alright!!

Brady recently had a friend over and we were all chatting.....after some profound statement I was making.....she looked at me confused and said....."do you mean that sarcastically?"......

Ummmmmm!! Yea.....

........if my lips are can be pretty sure I'm being sarcastic!!! It's a gift.....forced upon me by being the youngest child in a family full of wit!! Things are hysterical in my's only once they come out my mouth that I realize that I'm actually just a big dork!! :O)

Have a great day......and no....I DO NOT mean that sarcastically!! :O)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How Wrong Would it Be?????

Rick and I have an only child....Brady....age 16. He's a junior taking all AP and senior courses....and preparing for his future. He is an amazing kid.....not sure what I did to be blessed with such a gift....but I sure thank God for him daily!!

Recently....we've begun the college search....visiting a few.....answering emails....looking over all the literature coming his way.....and I've made a decision!! He's just simply NOT allowed to go any further with more "grown up" more "going away to school" discussions..... that's it....the answer is NO!!!! I forbid it!!

He's a good kid with a great head on his shoulders!! He makes great decisions!! He has a very strong moral fortitude!! He is much more intelligent than I could ever hope to be....he truly has an amazing brain!! He is ready and prepared for his awesome future!! Rick and I however..... yea.....not so much!! question bad would it be if I say.....lock him in his room????? When he was 2......I couldn't be out of his sight!! He loved to be with me!! Rick and I were totally awesome in Brady's eyes!! really would be completely fine to just go back in time to that right????

Yep!! It's settled!! Thank you so much for your support!! If called upon in the court case for locking up my'll back me right!!! :O)

Hope you enjoy the sun-shiney know.....if you're not an adult child locked up in your bedroom because your parents are having a hard time letting go!! :O)

Big hugs all around the web!!

BTW......does this post need a disclaimer....I will not....have not considered locking up my child!! I will however consider forbidding him to grow up!! Yea!! I probably should make that clear!! :()/

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pst!!.......Quick!!......Looky Here!!'mere!!......don't'll be our lil''s a look-see at some of what we gots a cookin'!!

Rick has taken up a new hobby.....

Can you believe it????? Awesome!! You really must see these in person!!


I've come up with a few new cuties too......

......and a new post creation!!


And then there's this......

....wait till you see what it began it's life as!!! I'm tellin' won't believe it!! :O)

****Taunt!!! Tease!!! Tempt tempt!!!*****

These are just a few of the offerings you'll find if you are first in line at our booth.....

Gathered Treasures

Saturday April 14
10a - 4p

Richland County Fairgrounds
750 North Home Rd.
Mansfield, OH

You really won't want to miss this show!!! Carolyn, Julie, and Carol do an amazing job gathering some of the finest vendors from far and near......each offering up their finest for your choosing!! Mark your calendars.....and come early!!! You won't be disappointed!! :O)

We'll also proudly display our wares at....

A Humble Past on August 11

In the Spirit of Friends on September 29

A Simple Country Gathering on October 6

Gathered Treasures Christmas in November

.....and perhaps a few other places too!!

Stay tuned folks!! There will be more to see.....we are workin' hard and creatin' a ton for y'all to gander!! Can't wait..... :O)

....and now......I really must hit the hay!! I got groceries today and I think I'm in a deep state of shock at the how much I spent and how little I brought home!! Do you think water and crackers equals a well rounded meal.....I thought perhaps I'd add a little green food coloring cause they say to go green.....that's always the most healthy food choices!!! I don't's either that or feeding them every other day!! hmmmmmm!! Choices!! Choices!! :O)

Nighty night folks!! Toodles and hugs!!

Some Things Can't Be Forced!!

Great Monday morning friends!! I'm sooooo sorry to have neglected my online friends for sooooo long!! Our life works best on fast forward......however.....there are only so many hours in the day.....and my online time takes a back seat most days!! Know though.....that I think of y'all often....and my heart smiles each time your names cross it!! :O)

Over a year ago.....Rick and I decided to save our a barn.....and open a shop!! Through your wonderful and generous support of our wares.....through our sweat and toils....the pennies rolled in!! every step of the way....there were delays getting our barn built!! Finally the day came....and a gorgeous barn appeared in our backyard......right in the middle of our busy time preparing for our fall show line-up!! Pit falls.....delays.....and issues continued to befall our efforts to finish the barn all winter long.....and here we are....several months after we hoped to be open....with an unfinished barn.....and our show schedule beginning for the new year!!

We WANT a shop!!!!!!! However......we want it to be OUR shop!! We want it to speak our we want to do the work so that every nail.....every board.....every inch is the way we want it!! Time and delays have just not allowed us to put that effort into the barn!! No matter how bad we want it......some things just cannot be forced to happen!! The barn.....just has not come together.....and I refuse to force something to happen.....just so I can have a shop (this has been my conversation with myself!!) :O) !!

Thank you soooooo very much for your love and support!! Thank you for your desire to come and visit!! This has been a VERY hard decision to make....but at this time......we will not be working on opening a shop!! Someday maybe......but not in the near future!! (BTW.....we looked into renting a shop.....I REFUSE to raise our prices the amount I would be forced to just to cover rent.....NOT AN OPTION!!!)

While we do this as a source of income.....creating comes directly from our hearts!! Each and every offering we present has been lovingly created by Rick and I!! We put our own stamp on each piece honestly hoping that the buyer will enjoy our efforts.....and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the excitement that fills our booths at the shows!!! I pray you will all continue to follow us from show to show......I pray you will all understand our position.....and I want to say.....from the bottom of our hearts.....THANK YOU!!! I thank God for you all.....and will continue to work hard to earn your support and your loyalty!!

Stay tuned......a few sneak peeks and our show schedule will be coming up tomorrow!! :O)

God bless!!