Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Good "I have absolutely no idea which day it is" morning y'all!! Another quickie from me this morning.....actually just a note of caution!!

Our itunes was hacked yesterday.....and they were able to charge up our paypal account a bit. PLEASE.....PLEASE.....PLEASE check into your account and whichever credit card or paypal account it is connected to right now!! Change passwords.....and verify all your information!!

Also a thought......why the heck don't these "brilliant folks" who know how to hack into all these companies use their "talents" for good......can you imagine what advancements could be business? Just a thought!!

Any-hoooooo.....hope all is grand in your world!! I'm ready to back with the living in no soon as I find time!! :O) Until then......make your day a joyful know.....scare your family by being in a REALLY good mood when they come home!! tee hee hee!!

Toodles friends!!