Friday, August 24, 2012

Drop Everything Right This Second......

......grab your lipstick (cause ya don't wanna be scary now c'mon!!) and your money bags and head south (okay.....mapquest it cause it's south for me but maybe you don't live at my house) anyhoo.....grab and go now to.....

Dad's Primitive Workbench
268 Front Street
In the glorious town of Marietta, OH

Friday (hey that's today) 10a - 9p (see you're already late)
Saturday 10a - 5p

"Please join us for our fall open house this weekend. We have the shoppe filled to the rafters with amazing prim finds. We have one of a kind handmades, pumpkins, owls, gourds, candles and antiques. Soooooo much to see we have worked so hard to make our first open house amazing. Hope to see you out this weekend.  — at Dad's Primitive Workbench." - Charlie Clay, owner extraordinaire

You will NOT be disappointed by this journey......Charlie's shop is absolutely amazing....he has such an amazing gift....and his spirit just fills the entire store....I promise you'll be treated like family.....and you'll be the family member that tackles all the other family members in line ahead of you so you can grab the glorious wares they are sure to be holding!! :O)

Enjoy your trip......and tell him I said......."dammit....I wanna be there too!!" :O)

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Vicki said...

LOVE your blog! I just found it and I will be back. Would love to come see you one day in Ohio!