Sunday, July 15, 2012

So......We Bought a Zoo!!

We've been catching a glimpse of a little snake here and there.....never getting to see it long.....and never when all three of us are it was with excitement that Rick opened the door this morning and called for all hands on deck!!

First.....we showed Maggie Mae the crazy cat....

...who yawned.....tapped the snakes tail.....and yawned!! She couldn't have cared less!!

Next....Opal....surely she would save us from this fierce anaconda-like beast!!

Yea......not so much!! She sniffed and watched...... the killer snake slithered away into our make-do frog pond/mud puddle!!

I feel so safe and secure and protected!! Geesh.....when those alien abductors come.....I am toast!!

Enjoy your day......and watch for details.....I may start charging admission for all to come visit the zoo/loony-bin!!


cynthia lee designs said...

About this time last year...I walked into our dining room to see a snake like that just chilling out in there. Thank goodness hubby was home and put it back outside. We have no clue how he got in the house or how long he had been in the house.

Linda said...

Ok, that does it I can't stand snakes! I could deal with the turkeys but not these creepy guys.
I feel itchy all over now!

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Stacey, glad the cat or dog didn`t hurt the snake, they do eat alot of bugs, mice and such. Do not like them much either but don`t want them to come to any harm, Blessings Francine.