Thursday, June 7, 2012

He's Toooo Cute to be This Evil!!!

I love summer break!! I love having the kid around without a daily schedule!! I love the extra time that he still grants me!! :O)

We decided that we really need to get back on track with our eating and working out (me that is......he's in great shape and I can't keep clothes on the kid he's shrinking so fast as he grows taller and taller!!!) So we've been walking and doing 90 day supreme every day. I jokingly asked him to be my personal trainer......keep me accountable for what I'm eating and making sure I'm getting my exercise in!! I do believe he took it to heart!! Tonight we walked into grandma's and back (about a 4 or 5 mile each way trip).....and the brat made me run.....a lot.......and he didn't care that I'm old and out of shape!!! I think I may die.......and I think that may be his grand plan.......I'm pretty sure he's after the life insurance policy!! I knew I should have shipped him to the gypsies with the dog!!

Nighty night friends!! Please send advil!! **ouch**

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Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Please send him my way! He can slap the chocolate chip cookie I'm always reaching for right out of my hand.
Keep up the good work, Stace!
:> )