Friday, June 29, 2012

Creativity.....Originality......and Copy Cats!!

Rick and I made a decision when we had Brady....that I would stay home to raise our son. This was and has been the most amazing decision.....but we have had to work very hard to grow our home business so that I could continue to be at home!!  We both absolutely love truly comes from the heart for us.....however....the name of the game is making money!! In order to do this.....we work very hard to create original ideas.....inspired by days of olde....but completely our own thing!! 

Imitation is NOT flattery!! In this business....copy cats run rampant!! Each business works hard to make their mark.....create wares that speak to the buyer!! And it's not unheard of to see several vendors come up with similar ideas. Honestly....this can happen from each of us trying to recreate the vintage....well worn look. These accidental similarities are understandable!! HOWEVER......when one sees folks posting pictures of items completely the same as items you know they purchased from you.....this is NOT an accidental similarity!!

The past few years.....Rick and I have sold our wares locally at a farm market. We stopped when we started seeing exact duplicates of our wares being sold side by side with our own. This year.....this market is selling wares under their own name......that are complete and utter knock-offs of the wares we sold there last season!!! This is not flattery!! It is down right ripping us off!! 

Please do not read this as me saying arrogantly that our work is amazing and everyone is trying to copy us!! That is not my intention at all!! My point is that each of us......ALL of us work too hard to be be set ourselves apart from everyone else to have someone come in and copy the idea with no effort!! It's not's hurtful.....and honestly......if you have to copy others' creative are you really? Stick to patterns.....or send me the profits from the items you're trying to knock off!!

So.....c'mon folks.....let's be creative......BUT let's also be original!!!

              For all the local folks that have been asking......NO we are NOT selling anywhere locally!! Call us directly for our original wares!!!!


Hillcresthome Prims said...

I DO have to say, RIGHT ON!!!!!!
You said it perfect. I find it VERY rude of people that do this and think nothing of it.
It has happened to 2 friends of mine that have made their own patterns and sell them and that is how they make their living and then someone comes along and copies it to the T and sells them and it is 100% WRONG!
People like that need to make their own patterns and be creative on their own.

Well after that said I love you and your hubby's work...BEAUTIFUL.

Summer Blessings,

cynthia lee designs said...

I know exactly how you feel. I've done shows for 27 years and I've seen my items copied a lot over the years. You are so is so wrong when others copy your work.
Have a Happy 4th of July!!

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Boy, do I know how you feel!! I have had over 50 original designs stolen from me--and mass produced in China! It is VERY hurtful when you walk into a store and see exact copies of your design WITH YOUR HANDWRITING scanned onto them!! Two years ago I tracked down what wholesaler was doing it and sued--I WON!!! I was even told by the promoter of a huge show in Ohio that I should be flattered when I caught a woman drawing my design. I paid $1000 to do that 3 weekend show! I threw the woman out of my booth, snatched the sketch out of her hand, and told every vendor at the show what happened. They have since lost a LOT of their vendors.We vendors stick together!! If a show won't defend their vendors, they shouldn't have a show!! I replaced that show with 2 little shows in NY, sold just as much,for less expense, and had a weekend at home. A design thief is NOT flattering you--they are stealing your paycheck!! I NEVER let anyone photograph my booth either.--really ticked off--Jan

chrissy said...

Good for you....I know not to make anything 2years in a row...cause the "copy cats"will be making them all over the place. I only do one show now days and I guess this ripping off problem has inadvertly made an old lady like me stay creative...however I really get irate when I go to Ohio wholesale or pick up a catalog and see my own designs have been reproduced in china.

melissa wells said...

Sad! You are unbelievably creative and well my house speaks to that!! It saddens me that I have not snagged any of your wares lately and am starting to have primitive withdrawal. You seem to get further and further away from me at shows! I may have to give you a call and see what you have laying around the house to get my "prim fix"... I know I am proud to show off your work and enjoy looking at it every day.. still waiting on that perfect primitive goat (hint hint ;) )