Friday, June 29, 2012

Creativity.....Originality......and Copy Cats!!

Rick and I made a decision when we had Brady....that I would stay home to raise our son. This was and has been the most amazing decision.....but we have had to work very hard to grow our home business so that I could continue to be at home!!  We both absolutely love truly comes from the heart for us.....however....the name of the game is making money!! In order to do this.....we work very hard to create original ideas.....inspired by days of olde....but completely our own thing!! 

Imitation is NOT flattery!! In this business....copy cats run rampant!! Each business works hard to make their mark.....create wares that speak to the buyer!! And it's not unheard of to see several vendors come up with similar ideas. Honestly....this can happen from each of us trying to recreate the vintage....well worn look. These accidental similarities are understandable!! HOWEVER......when one sees folks posting pictures of items completely the same as items you know they purchased from you.....this is NOT an accidental similarity!!

The past few years.....Rick and I have sold our wares locally at a farm market. We stopped when we started seeing exact duplicates of our wares being sold side by side with our own. This year.....this market is selling wares under their own name......that are complete and utter knock-offs of the wares we sold there last season!!! This is not flattery!! It is down right ripping us off!! 

Please do not read this as me saying arrogantly that our work is amazing and everyone is trying to copy us!! That is not my intention at all!! My point is that each of us......ALL of us work too hard to be be set ourselves apart from everyone else to have someone come in and copy the idea with no effort!! It's not's hurtful.....and honestly......if you have to copy others' creative are you really? Stick to patterns.....or send me the profits from the items you're trying to knock off!!

So.....c'mon folks.....let's be creative......BUT let's also be original!!!

              For all the local folks that have been asking......NO we are NOT selling anywhere locally!! Call us directly for our original wares!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Mom Moment!!!

We are sooooo proud of Brady!! He received his ACT test today.....and scored a near perfect!! He is soooo much like his momma!! (geesh.....did you see that lightning strike????) :O)

Congratulations Brady!! You are an amazing kid.......and I thank the Lord every single day for you!!

......and this concludes the gushing and gloating of a sobbing and proud mom who is planning on retiring and living off of her genius son!! :O)

Hoping your day is just as glorious as our has been!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Birthday!!

I'm married to the most wonderful man in the world..and I duplicated him too!!

Now I'm blessed.....double!! of us in this picture is really a lot closer to 50 tomorrow....only a few years left in fact!!
But......I'm not gonna say which one of us just in case he's getting nervous by being so close to middle aged!!

Happy birthday honey!!
I love you!! :O)


The Most Fun $5 Bucks Can Get'cha!!

Here ye!! Hear ye!! Brady is once again making his Marshmallow Shooters!!

Some of you may remember that as a learning experience....we would make Brady purchase supplies and create something to sell at our local shows. We had hoped that this project would teach him the value of work and earning did....and more!! Brady started at the age of 3 making Christmas ornaments....and folks would wait in line to purchase from him!! He painted rocks....and sold out!! Then he started making his customized shooters.....and we spent years running to the store night after night for more supplies cause he sold out and took orders for more besides!!! The lesson was learned......and a little kid was able to make some serious money to set back for college!! we are.....the year before college and because of his crazy busy schedule and AP class studies that will fill way too many hours this summer....Brady is unable to get the traditional summer job.....and has therefore decided to bring back the fan favorites!!

These are some of the grand yet simple shooters you may purchase.....

This funky 
zebra stripe 
is way cool!!

Rockin' neon green!!!

These would look so cool with your name or some bling for the chics!!

 Gentlemen.....start your engines!!

Hey girls.....remember how cool the camo prom gowns were...awesome!!


He's done some really cool customizing......making local school pride that went right to the dorm (and I don't want to know what "fun" was had with them there!!).....A physical therapist at a nursing home purchased a few to use with her patients for deep breathing!! Brady donated 20 to the children's wing at Aultman Hospital and I'm sure the nurses were thrilled!! :O) Many families have purchased them customized for each member and then had family marshmallow wars....FUN stuff!! Think John Deere..... Ohio State..... Harley Davidson.... and so much more!!

You can order yours too!!

Simple Marshmallow Shooters Above......
                                         $5.00 ea plus shipping

Customized Marshmallow Shooters...... 
                                                   starting at $6.00 ea plus shipping 

 .....Just "shoot" him an email with your order (color and/or name or theme) and he'll get you an invoice out ASAP!!! Paypal or cashiers check only please!! 

Thanks!! And remember.....bob and weave to dodge the flying marshmallows....bob and weave!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

He's Toooo Cute to be This Evil!!!

I love summer break!! I love having the kid around without a daily schedule!! I love the extra time that he still grants me!! :O)

We decided that we really need to get back on track with our eating and working out (me that is......he's in great shape and I can't keep clothes on the kid he's shrinking so fast as he grows taller and taller!!!) So we've been walking and doing 90 day supreme every day. I jokingly asked him to be my personal trainer......keep me accountable for what I'm eating and making sure I'm getting my exercise in!! I do believe he took it to heart!! Tonight we walked into grandma's and back (about a 4 or 5 mile each way trip).....and the brat made me run.....a lot.......and he didn't care that I'm old and out of shape!!! I think I may die.......and I think that may be his grand plan.......I'm pretty sure he's after the life insurance policy!! I knew I should have shipped him to the gypsies with the dog!!

Nighty night friends!! Please send advil!! **ouch**

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Love My Lil' Miss Opal Buuuuuut......

.....I may wrap her up.....put her in a box......and ship her to the gypsies!!! We have been able to sleep with the windows open off and on over the last weeks.....and that just drives her bat-crazy!! She hears every little chirp.....every lil' rustle....and responds with loud barking which is a grand way to awaken at 3am!! Last night was the greatest though!!! At 2:30am......she heard the neighborhood raccoon taking her twins for a midnight romp and guess what Miss Opal did??????? She shoved her head through the screen of the front window!! Yep!!! I feel really safe and protected.........and so will the gypsies at 2:30am!!! :O)

Working on orders.......and then working on orders so'more!! Hope y'all are having a grand beginning of summer!! Enjoy the sunshine friends!!