Thursday, May 24, 2012

You Can't Even Tell Though!!!

Our schedule has been soooooo insane lately!! Along with the fantastic opportunity brought to us by the Folk Magazine this past weekend.......we've also had all the "life" that was already on the schedule prior to their call!! We've done drs visits.....we've done awards ceremonies (4 or 5 of 'em)......we've done family birthdays, family gatherings, and frantic preparation for the show!! What we haven't done is sleep......nor clean......nor laundry......nor speak (just joking......I have screamed out orders quite routinely)!!! 
Sooooooo......we are all a little can't even tell right!! The bags under my eyes are now rivaling the ones on my thighs!! I do believe my knuckles drag on the ground in front of me 'cause I can't seem to find the energy to stand aaaaalll the way up!! I got my hair cut the other day and nearly fell asleep in the wash bowl!! But.......other than one has a hint!!

Laundry is nearly caught up......and if they dare wear anything else....they are in BIG trouble!!

I prepared a fine crock pot chicken and noodles last night for dinner.....sooooo they should be good until next week right!!

I ran the least where you can see it.....I love the dust bunnies that live under the sofa anyway!!

And now today I'm tackling "my room" where everything has been shoved.....empty crates.....our burlap curtains from the booth.....and the fabric that I had to go out and get to start on the orders!! Please.....please.....please.....if I don't emerge within the next week or two.....send in rescue crews!!

Have a grand day friends!! Enjoy whatever day it is!!! :O)


lilraggedyangie said...

:0) Indeed life is Grand! I hope you find just a lil down time sometime in the near future! Have a great weekend ! hugs lil raggedy angie

cynthia lee designs said...

I need to tackle my sewing room too, because it is time for me to start crafting away for my upcoming shows. Oh.....the insane life a crafter!! LOL...