Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thank God for Small Town Folk!!

Rick and I are both born and raised in Carrollton, Ohio.....small town USA. We had Brady here.....and he has grown up here. He has aspirations of bigger things.....grander futures.....large opportunities that only a larger city can offer....however.....he was blessed today by some small town folks who now live and breath the big city!!

A few weeks ago at one of Brady's award ceremonies......we slipped out the side door a little early....only to meet up in the parking lot with another mom doing the same thing.....a gal Rick and I went to school with.....we gushed over each others children's accomplishments....when she made a funny...."What do you want to do honey..." to Brady "....are you gonna be a rocket scientist?" We laughed and explained that indeed....Brady does want to be an Astrophysicist....a rocket scientist!! She laughed and said, "Oh my gosh.....I have a friend who works for's his contact him!!"

Sometimes God places folks in your path......and uses them to crack you up side the head with opportunity!! We have crossed paths with Lisa Walker over the years since high school through our kids.....but have had little to no contact.....a howdy across a room.....a hey, how are ya every now and oh my gosh the kids are growing up tooooooo fast at the end of year awards banquets.....and yet Lisa offered Brady an amazing resource!! Not only did she offer tho'......oh no....yesterday morning she called with news that in fact her friend was home....and she had arranged for us to sit down with him to chat!!

Mike Fawcet and his friend Diane were home visiting for a few days......out of their short stay....they contacted Brady and offered him a sit down luncheon to chat!! Mike graduated from Carrollton High School a few years ago.....graduated from the University of Akron....and attained his dream career with NASA shortly after. Not only is he an asset to his field......what a treasure he is in sharing his knowledge.....feeding the desires of an aspiring physicist. He is a small town his dream.....and shining a light on the path for those who are following!!

We are blessed to live in small town USA!!! Small towns have their flaws.....I must dedicate a day to travel to get groceries......a day out includes a half hour to 45 minute drive each way.....gas is always 10cents more than any other town around!! But......small towns offer sooooo much....I know my neighbors.....I know the parents of the kids at Brady's school.....I went to school with most of his teachers and administrators!! And.....friends reach out to friends with opportunities of a lifetime!!

Thank God for small towns......and thank God for small town folks!! Take time to be a blessing to someone.......and be thankful for the times when you're the one being blessed!! Rick, Brady and I are feeling very blessed by so many acts of kindness!! We are truly blessed beyond!!

Happy Memorial Day friends!!


Cheryl said...

I have to agree with you about small towns!
Congrats to Brady on finding his path to the future!
What proud parents you must be.
Enjoy the small town moments,

It's Sew Cindy said...

I love it that you said he graduated a few years ago - Mike and I graduated "36" years ago!!! Where have the years gone - I bet we still look like our senior pictures :)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

YaY Brady!!! Awesome story!!! Small towns are truly the BEST!!! I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. ♥