Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gotta Question!!

I've got a drs appointment today and I can't cancel cause I'm already about 6 months behind from cancelling so many you think it'll be weird or awkward if I take my sewing machine with me to work while I wait???????

Have a great one.....I'll let you know how it goes!! :O)


Angela said...

Good luck at the doctor. Funny,, please don't take the machine, but I always take some stitching to pass the time waiting,,, and I always have to wait. Have a great weekend

lilraggedyangie said...

Lol you better leave the machine home ...wouldnt want you to hurt your back lugging it around :0) Good luck hugs lil raggedy angie

cynthia lee designs said...

Too Funny! Hmmm...I've never thought about taking my machine to the doctor's office, but I bet if you did...they would really think something was wrong with you. LOL...
Hope everything goes well at your doctor visit.