Sunday, April 15, 2012

It Was a Grand Day!!

Gathered Treasures was an amazing day yesterday!! We met up with soooooo many fellow bloggers and blog visitors and fellow vendors and grand shoppers......too many to mention (cause I'm kinda in a coma and I'm afraid I'll miss someone by name)!! We had sooooo much fun laughing and visiting and meeting face to face with those we have met only by typing!! It was truly a great day!!

Thank you first and foremost to Carolyn and Julie and their crew for all of their hard work.....the hours that they put into the prep of this show must be too numerous to count.....and Rick and I join all of you with a grand THANK YOU!!! YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!! YOUR WORK DID NOT GO WITHOUT NOTICE!!! :O)

Thank you to our fellow vendors......your wares were amazing.....the buzz about all day spoke to what a high quality show each of you helped to provide!! You guys rock!! :O)

Thank you to all the shoppers!! Oh my goodness!! I looked up many times throughout the morning to realize a very long line had formed.....with each of you waiting to cash out with huge arm-fulls of our wares!! Everyone was sooooo very patient.......sooo very complimentary......and soooo very generous with your support of our offerings!! Rick and I create truly from the heart......we love what we do......and words cannot express the feeling your words give us back!! THANK YOU!!!!! :O)

We are exhausted (we stayed up all night Friday night to prepare a few new offerings to replace some of what was snatched up while setting up)......and we are soaking up the warmth shared with us throughout the show!! Can't wait to get started on the next one!! :O)

Have a grand Sunday'm laying on the couch with coffee.....and a blanky......and watchin' tv all day!! :O) zzzzzzzzzzz!!



Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Stacey~ So glad to hear it was a great day~ I so behaved myself trying not to think about what I was missing out on~ Okay~ there was a few moments during the day I wanted to scream, let me out I want to go to the show~
keeping my fingers crossed for your next one~
keep that couch warm & relax~

Cheryl said...

Recliner time for me today! I also thought the show was a hit and all those amazing vendors....what can you say but WOW!! So happy I got to chat with you for a bit and some other bloggers that were there. Gald you had a grand time and our booth did to! Relax today for tomorrow it will be time to get ready for the next show! I think I need to get a little busier than I have been......LOL!
Take care and have fun,

prims by olde lady morgan said...

So glad it was a wonderful day! So many wonderful creations in your booth!!! OLM

Linda said...

I knew by the time that I got to the show and saw your booth that you had a good day! so glad for you.
See you at your next show.

lilraggedyangie said...

It was an awesome experience. So happy to have made your acquaintance. Your space was just gorgeous. Angie's bunny head made a beautiful centerpiece at her luncheon. I just might come back to Ohio and do another one of these shows.....
Parker's Paradise

cynthia lee designs said...

Hi Stacey,
It was so great to meet you. I was so thrilled for you that you had an awesome show, but so sad for me that you were almost sold out by the time I got there.
Hope you are enjoying your day on the sofa.

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Sounds like a successful show! Wonderful news and great pictures! Love your set up-thanks for sharing! ~*~Lisa

Deb Kennedy said...

Stacey, we are just SO THRILLED that you are bringing your magic to the FOLKbarn Experience at the Springfield Antique Show in Ohio next month! You have STYLE! ;0)

Deb Kennedy
FOLK Magazine
FOLKbarn Event Manager