Monday, March 19, 2012

Some Things Can't Be Forced!!

Great Monday morning friends!! I'm sooooo sorry to have neglected my online friends for sooooo long!! Our life works best on fast forward......however.....there are only so many hours in the day.....and my online time takes a back seat most days!! Know though.....that I think of y'all often....and my heart smiles each time your names cross it!! :O)

Over a year ago.....Rick and I decided to save our a barn.....and open a shop!! Through your wonderful and generous support of our wares.....through our sweat and toils....the pennies rolled in!! every step of the way....there were delays getting our barn built!! Finally the day came....and a gorgeous barn appeared in our backyard......right in the middle of our busy time preparing for our fall show line-up!! Pit falls.....delays.....and issues continued to befall our efforts to finish the barn all winter long.....and here we are....several months after we hoped to be open....with an unfinished barn.....and our show schedule beginning for the new year!!

We WANT a shop!!!!!!! However......we want it to be OUR shop!! We want it to speak our we want to do the work so that every nail.....every board.....every inch is the way we want it!! Time and delays have just not allowed us to put that effort into the barn!! No matter how bad we want it......some things just cannot be forced to happen!! The barn.....just has not come together.....and I refuse to force something to happen.....just so I can have a shop (this has been my conversation with myself!!) :O) !!

Thank you soooooo very much for your love and support!! Thank you for your desire to come and visit!! This has been a VERY hard decision to make....but at this time......we will not be working on opening a shop!! Someday maybe......but not in the near future!! (BTW.....we looked into renting a shop.....I REFUSE to raise our prices the amount I would be forced to just to cover rent.....NOT AN OPTION!!!)

While we do this as a source of income.....creating comes directly from our hearts!! Each and every offering we present has been lovingly created by Rick and I!! We put our own stamp on each piece honestly hoping that the buyer will enjoy our efforts.....and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the excitement that fills our booths at the shows!!! I pray you will all continue to follow us from show to show......I pray you will all understand our position.....and I want to say.....from the bottom of our hearts.....THANK YOU!!! I thank God for you all.....and will continue to work hard to earn your support and your loyalty!!

Stay tuned......a few sneak peeks and our show schedule will be coming up tomorrow!! :O)

God bless!!


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

hi, Stacey~ nice to hear from you~You both do an awesome job on creations & the best customer service~ Your creations are so unique & I can see you put love into each one~ so admire your talent~looking forward to your show schedules~
enjoy the beautiful weather~
Smiles & Hugs My Friend~

lilraggedyangie said...

O Stacey ~ big ((( hugs))) for you both I know that was all typed with a loving but heavy heart ! WE LOVE you both and all your beautiful creations ! Shopping your booth is the highlight of any show and we your customers,and friends will support you any way we can no matter what choice you make ! Give it to God girlfriend he will see you through no matter what ...and hopefully someday you can have that shop! Now get off the computer and get back to work you have less than 4 weeks till Gathered Treasures and Im ready to shop and visit , hope Im set up close by so we can visit ;0) hugs lil raggedy angie

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Good Luck! Love your prims! ~*~Lisa

cynthia lee designs said...

Looking forward to seeing your show schedule. Hoping you do a show close to my part of Ohio. I want so much to go to the Gathered Tresures Show, but it is over 2 hours away.