Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How Wrong Would it Be?????

Rick and I have an only child....Brady....age 16. He's a junior taking all AP and senior courses....and preparing for his future. He is an amazing kid.....not sure what I did to be blessed with such a gift....but I sure thank God for him daily!!

Recently....we've begun the college search....visiting a few.....answering emails....looking over all the literature coming his way.....and I've made a decision!! He's just simply NOT allowed to go any further with more "grown up" more "going away to school" discussions..... that's it....the answer is NO!!!! I forbid it!!

He's a good kid with a great head on his shoulders!! He makes great decisions!! He has a very strong moral fortitude!! He is much more intelligent than I could ever hope to be....he truly has an amazing brain!! He is ready and prepared for his awesome future!! Rick and I however..... yea.....not so much!! question bad would it be if I say.....lock him in his room????? When he was 2......I couldn't be out of his sight!! He loved to be with me!! Rick and I were totally awesome in Brady's eyes!! really would be completely fine to just go back in time to that right????

Yep!! It's settled!! Thank you so much for your support!! If called upon in the court case for locking up my'll back me right!!! :O)

Hope you enjoy the sun-shiney know.....if you're not an adult child locked up in your bedroom because your parents are having a hard time letting go!! :O)

Big hugs all around the web!!

BTW......does this post need a disclaimer....I will not....have not considered locking up my child!! I will however consider forbidding him to grow up!! Yea!! I probably should make that clear!! :()/


dee begg said...


Handcuffs? What handcuffs? Didn't see a thing! LOL! My youngest use to tell me he was never leaving me...ever! Well that was when he was about 10 years that he's 16, he can't wait to leave! Guess my job is done here! LOL!

Have a good day.


lilraggedyangie said...

I know nothing :0) the less I know the better off I am lol ...would Brady share a room with Princess ...we are thinking she will need locked up until say least 45 :0) Hope your not working too hard and are at least enjoying some of this beautiful weather ! hugs lil raggedy angie

The Moonlit Stitch said...

I hear you loud and clear. My O.C. is only 11, but the thought of her not being around is terrible. Hang in there Mom! Times will change for us, but they will also bring new joys (like spoiling grandbabies and then sending them HOME! LOL!!!) ~*~Lisa