Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Trying Something New!!

Click on my new header and c'mon over for a chat
as I continue on this weight loss journey back to me!!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some New Wares.....

I've been online less lately.....trying to take advantage of the moments in between snow days and evening functions!! :O) Here's what has been filling my time instead.....

Stay tuned.....there's more to come!! :O) Have a great weekend!!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

National Forensic League....National Qualifier!!

Yep!! That's our kid!! I have been bawling since 9:30 last night.....our Brady placed 2nd at this weekends national qualifiers....earning himself a seat at the competition in Dallas, TX in June(only 2 seats!!)!! We are soooooo proud of him....I truly cannot speak!! What an amazing accomplishment..... and an amazing opportunity!! I am truly blessed!!

Do you think he'll allow me to tag along?????? :O)

Have a grand Sunday my friends.....and thank you for allowing me to gush....and thank you for all of the kind words of encouragement!! :O)


Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh Dear....Oh Dear......Oh Dear!!

Our Speech & Debate team will be competing at "Bigs" this weekend...which is qualifiers for the National competition. An urgent message was sent out that our team is short on judges (each team must fill "x" number judging positions)......and guess who she called......Oh!! My!! Gosh!! Good!! Golly!! Molly!!

Please pray I don't screw up and crush some child's future dreams.....I can just see it now....I get all fer-clemped......and give someone a 700 instead of a 1 (1 is highest).....and the child's dreams are crushed and they join the "I can't speak" club instead of speech.....they could have been the president of the US......and I ruined it!!! Ooooohhhhh.......

I don't think it will be disrupting to the competitor that I'll be breathing into a paper bag do you????? Oh Dear......please pray that my one functioning brain cell continues to fire today!!

Hope your day is much less stressful!! :O) Toodles!!
Stacey the news tonight for the crazy lady running through the streets of Akron, Ohio screaming and crying 'cause her school needed an extra judge!! :O)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Seems As Though.....

...the creeping crud has invaded our home!! Brady has been home all week, and I think I heard Rick sneeze this I threw bleach on him, and scrubbed him down with lysol....

I think I'm moving them both to the garage until they are safe to be around....I mean feeling better!! :O)

Hope your family isn't a bag of germs....I mean I hope they're good!! Have a great day!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

We Got More to Be Excited 'bout!!

Brady is in the final months of his second year in the National Forensics League (Speech & Debate). This past weekend, he traveled to Bethel Park, PA for a 2 day tournament where Brady finished 2nd in Extemporaneous Speaking!! Woo Hooooooo!!

He also qualified for State last weekend at the qualifiers!!

We are sooooo proud of him, and he is making such a name for himself in this is a marvelous program, gaining the kids so much confidence and teaching them much needed life long skills!! His next competition is a 2 day Nationals qualifiers this coming weekend!! Wow...... who put life in fast forward again? Just yesterday he was 2!! :O)

Thanks for allowing me to gush!! You know a mama's's full of love and pride for sure!! :O)

Have a great evening all!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rick & I Just Want to Say...... very much to each and every one of you for the loverly comments, the emails, and to all the new followers. We are soooo blessed beyond measure in soooo many ways, and this latest adventure has been just a blast!! You have each added to the fun and we are....Happy Valentine's Day my friends!! I pray your month is full of all the love that you have showered upon us!! :O)

God Bless!
Stacey & Rick

Friday, February 11, 2011

Just Me Thinking....

Do you wear your baggage for all to see? I think I do!!

As I’ve shared, I’ve been on a journey back to the real me!! Somewhere along my life’s journey….I think I kinda lost myself!! I have a wonderful family…..a great husband whom I love deeply…..our son is just the most amazing creature ever to me. I am living my dreams by staying home and creating every day….things that folks actually stand in line to purchase!! Still…….”I” wasn’t really me!!

I strive to be a happy person!! If you came into our booth at a show as a stranger…..I would most likely say something stupid and begin a chat!! I don’t think I have ever met a stranger…..perhaps a few strange people….but never a stranger!! :o) I can start up a chat with anyone!! But still……”I” really wasn’t me!!

Back a few years ago, I worked really hard and lost 40#. At the time I was fluffy, but after those 40#….I was quite the looker!! :O) It felt great…..and I gained back the confidence that had waned a bit and I felt in charge!! Shortly after reaching “goal” though, as it does for everyone, life kinda went wonky!! I took a job that completely destroyed me….and because I did not handle that well….we lost our church home…and with that a group of wonderful friends. At the same time….Rick went through some health problems winding up in the heart lab for a few days and also a hernia surgery. My dad had hip replacement surgery and following a difficult rehab, he collapsed while out for a walk resulting in another hospital stay. Life was on fast forward and I kinda allowed myself to be swept up in the chaos…..I functioned…..I did what was needed…..but “I” became NOT quite me!!

In 2006, Rick and I took on the “handy man” position at the condo association where my parents lived. One summer morning, I was on a ladder scraping a door way to prepare for paint when my cell phone rang. My mom was in a panic because my dad had not returned home from his morning walk. I went to see if I could find him…..I did…..and he had passed away!! On that day……..a huge part of me died!! I have come to realize that I feel guilty!! If only I had found him earlier!! If only I had picked up his paper on my way to the condos!! If only…….

After that day……I stopped being me!! I ate!! I don’t think I even get hungry anymore!! I am constantly thinking about food!! Even now….on this journey….every thought is about what the next meal will be!! It is getting better!! I know exactly what I’m allowed to have….exactly what time I will have it….and I am enjoying the plan…and enjoying the journey!! And… is working!! I am truly becoming me again...but not strictly because of the weight loss!! What I am losing is a lot more than weight!! I'm losing my baggage!!

The reason I share this is……are you there? Don’t we all sorta wear our baggage? Some of us scream and yell to hide!! Some of us alienate ourselves to hide!! Some of us spend too much money to hide!! No matter what we use…..I believe many of us wear it for all to see while trying desperately to hide!! None of us are alone.....what we are hiding from....isn't nearly as bad as we've created it to be!! As I've seen someone say, "Life is hard....changing is hard....ya just gotta choose your hard!!"

Well……I'm choosing!! I have packed those bags…..and they are sitting on the curb for pick up!! I want to be me again…..and I am me again!! That’s what I’m gaining while I’m losing my ash….and my cow calves…and my thunder thighs…and my boobs, but that’s another story!! :O)

So……do you need to lose it too… order to gain? Thanks for listening!!


Yes! I do believe it is!! Enjoy your weekend!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Here!! It's Here!! It's Here!!

Listen....can you hear that? It's the sound of giggling.....and it's coming from my house!! The spring issue of Mercantile Gathering came today.....and I've got to admit.....I may be a lil' excited!!

The poor UPS dude.....well.....he'll recover I'm sure!! Poor man.....I think perhaps I knocked him down in the snow.......there may or may not have been hugging and kissing involved too.....but that's all I'm saying!! :O)

Make sure you get this issue!! Twigs and Faye always do a fabulous job with this publication....and Rick and I are thrilled beyond measure to have been asked to be included!! I've got to say though....this one is quite grand indeed!! The patterns are A----MAZ------ZING!!!! So, if you don't walk to the mailbox now and wait.....and if you don't....sell your most beautiful child to get one.....Yep!! It's that good!!

WOW!! Pinch' on second thought....don't.....I'm kinda enjoying the ride!! :O) Have a great week boys and girls!! Don't forget to love on your kids before it snows s'more and they have another snow day and you can't stand them again!! :O)


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wha'cha Been Doin'?

Me???? I've been.....

....and cooking of course.....

...there is always..... do!! BTW.....yes!! I do laundry by hand and in my finest gown!! Don't you????

I've been doing wonderful on my......

Down 25#!!

Of course.....there's been no ..... Brady's been doing a lot of.....

....and some of.....

.....all while the......

All in all.....I am one.......

....ummmm.....happy mom that is!!

Hope your world is just as great....and until next time.....

Stacey :O)