Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Cruel Twist of Fate

****okay.....give me a moment to compose myself... stop giggling..
..clear my throat...
...alrighty I'm ready.....begin!!***

Well......apparently our Lord has a bit of a sense of humor where Rick is concerned. Apparently He likes to give a little.....and then rip the rug out from under a guy!! Apparently......Rick needed a lil' lesson!!

My voice came back in 3.5 minutes!!

***Oh've gotta give me another minute
hardy har har har!! Ha ha ha ha!! giggle snort.....giggle.....snort!!****

Now.....I'm not one to gloat but.......

***clearing my throat and swallowing down reeeeeal hard***

.....but I mean it's perfectly clear don't you think!!! How much more clear could this heavenly message be????? I think we all know!! I really don't think I need to put it into words do you???

***ha ha ha ha ha ha!!***'ve forced me to do bunch of lil' devils you...

....I was right again!!

But.....I will not be holding this over his head......oh no!! Cause.....that'd be wrong!! I wouldn't want to point out the obvious.....and kick a man when he's down!! A much better idea is to file it away and bring it out later at just the right moment!! :O)

Have a wonderful day friends....I know I will!! I've got a really attentive hubby doing my bidding today!! :O)



dee begg said...


Oh I love when they have to do your bidding for the day...gotta love how they think though! Betcha Rick will never wish for silence again. LOL!


rachel said...

That is just great! LOL keep him hopping today! :)

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ahhh...the Good Lord must have looked down in pity on the poor, helpless, soul and realized this was not such a good thing after all! And all in 3.5 minutes! The Lord doth delivereth! :o)))) Robin