Monday, March 7, 2011

You All Failed.....Miserably!!

I am NOT old!! See.....that was a test!! I said, "could it be I'm old"......and the correct response was...."Oh h238ll no!! You aren't old at all fact you're still young....a spring chick in fact!!" See.......would that have been soooo hard!! have a leaky bladder....I'm drinking too much water to make my bum shrink when in reality it's making my bladder shrink first....I'm coughing up a lung every minute and I'm pretty sure I only started out with 2......and now I'm depressed cause y'all agreed that I'm old!! :OP

Thanks a lot......and if the next time you look in the mirror and see 2 grey hairs sticking out of your nose.....don't call me!! :O)

Have a great Monday!! tee hee hee hee!!


dee begg said...


Oh, sorry about that...I was so sighted in on the task at know the leaky bladder and the lung coughing up...ok, so 38 isn't that old...I have 10 years on ya! Wish I was 38 again...had way more energy and got lots more done in a day.


Primitive Echoes said...

Hey don't yell at me old lady. It is your hubby who should of answered correctly in the first place. Seriously did he just become a man yesterday?
That is like saying you asked him if these (wet) pants make your butt look big. We would of known the answer to that one.
I can also say that if I look in the mirror and only see "2" gray hairs I won't be calling you, I will be thanking Clairol.
You have a great Monday too. :O)
hahahahaha hehehehe lol (yup no peeing here even after all that laughing).

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Hi, Stacey~
Shoot~ I am young~ and I have how many years on ya~ Remember we are only as old as we think~feel~ See if you were in your 90's I might say yeah you are getting older!!!!

Ya, Youngin~ You are just growing up!!! Remember we do that gracefully!LOL


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Hey darlin'! You're not old!
Unless you become the spokeswoman for "Ooops! I Crapped My Pants" don't worry about it! :> )

lilraggedyangie said...

old is just a status, age a number , and what Ive heard is that you can't be old and wise if your not young and crazy first! Me Im 25 if I have to pick a number,i I think like an OLD woman , but I live like Peter Pan I WONT EVER GROW UP ! DONT WORRY BOUT AGE , AND IF YA HAVE THE RIGHT FRIENDS SURROUNDING YA THEY WILL DUMP THEIR POP IN THEIR LAP TO NOT MAKE YER WET PANTS SO OBVIOUS BUT a true friend will prolly just pee hers laughing at ya for peeing in yers lol have a good one and HECK NO YOU ARENT OLD