Monday, March 28, 2011

I May Perhaps Have a Problem!!

This morning while working in "my room" I glanced out the window across the road and into the woods. I could see movement and looked closer to see if it was one of the many deer we have in the neighborhood or perhaps the turkeys we haven't seen for a while. Although I strained to see....I couldn't make it out.....because my window is sooooo filthy everything is viewed through a spotted filth film. I decided that I didn't really care what was in the woods.....and went back to work!!

On second problem here....if the Good Lord wanted me to have clean windows....he'd send soapy rain!! :O)

Have a grand day looking out through your crystal clean windows!!


basketsnprims said...

I love your solution to the dirty windows, sounds like a plan, haha.

Falling Leaf Woodworkers and Primitives said...

Thank you!!!! you gave me the excuse I needed to my dirty windows..LOL

lilraggedyangie said...

ha Thats right just put it off , maybe Ill wish for some soapy rain too! Enjoy your Monday!
lil raggedy angie

Ps what is it with my comments on your blog and word verification this one is MOLDN hahahaha first moplater now this TOO FUNNY!lol

Penny said...

Crystal clean windows??? The only time my windows were crystal clean was when they were new! I try, but just can't get them that way again. There's too many and they overwhelm me..... so rather than fight with them, I give in, too.
C'mon soapy rain!!!

Green Creek Primitives said...

Hey we have been having rain, no soap in it, I really could use some though my windows are in need of washing from the fireplace running. Well it never hurts to wish. Vicky

Primitive Echoes said...

Well trust me if it rains soapy rain it will streak anyway. So what if there is a few spots, my glasses have spots of paint on them half the time lol. My windows look great.
The spots on my windows go away every night, it is amazing.

KittyWampus said...

Love your style Friend!!! I almost forgot I HAD windows...that's how much I can see out of them!