Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So yesterday on my other blog.....I admitted that I am not a fan of Monday.....probably should have thought harder before ranting out loud in print.....'cause then this morning happened!!

Rick gets up at 5am for work....however Brady doesn't need to arise before 6:30a for school....being a loving and caring wife.....my roll in Rick's morning is...opening one eye when he kisses me goodbye!! However.....this morning.....in my deep sleep I hear Rick screaming gently explaining to me that when I took his truck last night to pick up Brady....I left the car door open.....and his battery was dead!! It didn't register what he was talking about.....why in the world would I leave his door open????? As it turns out.....the seat belt got jammed in the door and let it open enough to leave the interior lights turned on....killing the battery.....OOPS!!

Geesh.....what a way to wake up!! Poor guy....not only did he have no vehicle....but I drove him to work in a dazed and confused state!! Suddenly being late for work wasn't nearly as important to him as surviving the drive there!! :O)

So my lesson for the day boys and girls is......check the flippin' seat belt before shutting the door on your hubby's truck at 10pm on a work night....unless you want a warm and loving wake-up call in the morning!! :O)

Have a great day...Oh and sorry dear!!


lilraggedyangie said...

OOPS...sounds like someone has a lil kissin up to do tonight ! lol Glad he survived the ride to work, just tell him when you pick him up , that you are just grateful for the extra bonding time :0) Happy Tuesday Stace...you know what they say choose your words wisely for tomorrow you may have to eat them lol HUGS
lil raggedy angie

Primitive Echoes said...

Oh that is just a little innocent mishap. What does he not want you to wear your seatbelt? Would he rather be paying the ticket for not having it on? Maybe he should fix the seatbelt so that it sucks back into place faster. It is creepy outside at night in the dark, we have to hurry inside afterall. Unless of course he meets you at the door with a light and a little hug.