Sunday, February 20, 2011

National Forensic League....National Qualifier!!

Yep!! That's our kid!! I have been bawling since 9:30 last night.....our Brady placed 2nd at this weekends national qualifiers....earning himself a seat at the competition in Dallas, TX in June(only 2 seats!!)!! We are soooooo proud of him....I truly cannot speak!! What an amazing accomplishment..... and an amazing opportunity!! I am truly blessed!!

Do you think he'll allow me to tag along?????? :O)

Have a grand Sunday my friends.....and thank you for allowing me to gush....and thank you for all of the kind words of encouragement!! :O)



Penny said...

Congratulations -- what an outstanding accomplishment!! Good luck to Brady in Dallas! I'm sure his proud mom will keep us all up-to-date....... Enjoy this very special time -- and gush till your heart's content! You all deserve to.....
Happy Sunday!

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Congrats to Brady!! How absolutely awesome!!
Dallas, TEXAS!!!! I wish I wasn't five hours from Dallas and maybe we could meet. You will be really close to Canton and it will be first Monday. A huge antique/flea market.
Congrats again to Brady, I know you are so proud of him!1