Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yeeeeeee Haaaaaaw!!

Had to tell someone....and thought I'd share here instead of starting at the a's in the phone book and calling each and every person.....**snickers**

I lost those 3 stinking pounds that have been taunting me for a while!!! YEA!!!!! 20# gone fer-eva!!!

If you're on the journey back to health like I am.......yea you too!! Let me know how it's going for you!!

Have a great day!!


Linda said...

Yea for you Stacy..........I am holding at a 20# loss too and I don't want to see it back again.
I find that taking only 1/2 a portion of anything is what I need to do.

Carla said...

Your home is going to be featured in Mercantile Gatherings? I love games!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

I missed this!
Hey you go girl!!!! My hubby is also dieting>>I must say your doing better then him!(HA HA HUbby!, usually they drop it off, yep, getting older!LOL)

I see Carla is thinking the same as me! So Are we correct?
enjoy your day
keep safe & warm, brrr 12 degrees at 8:30 yikes! Drifing swow!

I am thinking spring bunnies, carrots,& colored eggs!