Thursday, January 13, 2011

Woooooo Weeeee!! I've Lost It!!

Now right away you're thinking.....alright!! she's finally lost what was left of her mind!! wouldn't be all wrong!! What was left of the last functioning brain cell has been burned alive this week while being locked in the house....snowbound....with a teenager, a dog, and a cat.

The teenager who I'm convinced is indeed an alien.....shares a bloodstream with his droid phone!! The thing never leaves his hand.....and don't even dare to ask with whom he is speaking!! Apparently that is a need to know bit of information....that I apparently DON'T need to know!! The only thing that boy can hear is....dinner's ready!! The the dishes....shovel the sidewalk.....move out and go to college already.....seem to be incomprehensible!!

The dog.....yea!!! Opal is afraid of snow!! She handles this by sitting at the door begging to go out......and then going out but refusing to go off the steps and begs to come in. She comes in and sits at the door begging to go out!! When her bladder denies her a choice.....she goes out gets lost in the snow that the kid couldn't hear needed shoveled and then comes in smelling like a stinky wet dog!! She is currently sound asleep.....on my bed!!

Miss Maggie Mae the crazy cat.......she is every bit as psychotic as the rest of us!! At 8# she is soooo little that she too is scared to death of snow!! She gets lost in a dusting of the stuff!! How does she handle this you ask.......she sleeps from the hours of 6am to midnight, occasionally getting up to peek out and see if it indeed is still a frozen tundra out!! At midnight....this darling puss comes to life and races around the house like a wild thing bouncing from bed to dresser from table to sofa!! Around and around she goes until about 3am when Opal gets piffed and joins her in the chase!! At some point any or all of us are chasing the stupid cat around trying to catch her and throw her outside......Yea!! fun!!

So you're not wrong!! I did loose it!! But that's not what I'm talking about!! I've also lost one of every pair of socks we own........I've lost the ability to watch any of my shows during the day because of the creep being home....and I've lost control over my bladder while exercising....but alas no! I'm not talking about any of that!!

I lost some weight!! Wooo Hooo!! 15# and counting!! It's a going.....and I'm thrilled!! I've always wanted to be the biggest loser in the house......and right now....I am!!

Have a great day my pals!! Thanks for the visit.....and please don't judge me by my lack of control....after all.....I no longer have any functioning brain cells....and a weak bladder to boot!! :O)



honeycreekprims said...

I can relate as I'm sure many other can too. Funny, but not funny--I understand! Have a good year! Congrats on the weight loss!

Tina said...

hahaha, funny chickie.

Congrats on your weight loss. I'm needing to drop the 10 pounds I gained back after losing 30 last year. How does that happen?!!

cottageprims said...

Congrats on the weight loss.I'll start mine tomorrow..maybe..Oh and the kitty was just trying to help you by giving you a midnight run instead of snack..Warm Blessings!~Amy

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Of course as usual so enjoyable to read! Where do you come up with this stuff!
Your son would get along perfect with my neice>>last night she was yes on facebook on the computer & at the same time facebook on her phone, going back & forth it looked like a challenge & I did not dare disrupt her>>I don't even think she new her mom & I were sitting talking on the coach beside her for over an hour! I know I like blogging but this girl has it goin on!!!!

Congrats>>Congrat>>Congrat on the goodbye to 15!!!! So excited for you!Yeah, for Stacey!