Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Very Important to Exercise!!

We all know this right!! While trying to avoid breaking a hip while brushing your teeth......and for good health in general.....we should all get some form of exercise each day. I am not one who loves to exercise....or move quite frankly!! Isn't it much better to sit and sew...but
purposeful movement helps the ol' "lbs" come off faster so I've been trying to get some in each day. I say purposeful because these are some things I've learned......

1) running to go potty every 3 seconds apparently doesn't count as purposeful exercise!!

2) refilling your water glass 427 times doesn't count either!!

3) freezing and shivering no matter how violently can not be counted as aerobic exercise.

4) While a loverly and appealing attribute, whining and matter how many hours applied each day can not be considered stretching.

On the bright your clothes get baggier.....dancing around and tugging on them to keep from baring your ashes most definitely can be considered a wise way to get in your 45 minutes a day!!

I blog because I care!! Just want to help you all stay healthy!! You are welcome!! tee hee hee!!

Have a great hump day!!


Ronda said...

AHh, thank you for caring!
Fun post!

dee begg said...

No wonder I haven't lost any weight...I've been doing it all wrong! LOL!


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Hi, Stacey!
I hate to exersize! I think like you!
but I will admit I consider chasing the kitty's & playing with them exersize, I have been doing alot of that!LOL( it is fun!)
enjoy the day

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Okay I can't spell LOL!
I think it is this headache I have>> I have been trying to give it away all morning! Next I will be putting my head in the icemachine to see if that helps!LOL