Thursday, January 27, 2011

Did You Hear Them?

Did you? The angels.....did you hear them singing this morning? I sure did!!

With my new eating, I have had many suggestions on new things to try (food items). I've tried and absolutely loved spaghetti squash!! YUM!! I'm loving zucchini cut into strips and using them for noodles!! Extra YUM!!! There's a bunch more too.....perhaps I'll share some recipes in the coming days.....but today....I wanted to tell you of my heavenly experience this morning!!

Oh my goodness.....have you tried these?

Oh my gosh.....they are scrum-dileee-iscious!! Oh MY!!!! I'm not a huge fan of breakfast, however some days I'm hungry in the morning!! This morning I had my pancakes, 1/4 c egg beaters and 1 of these babies. I was so full.....I couldn't eat the eggs!! If you click on the can go to the Morning Star site and sign up for a coupon to try it yourself!! I don't think you'll be disappointed!! I can't wait to try more!!

Hope you have a great Thursday!! Keep warm!!


Tina said...

I agree, these are sooooo good! I forgot about these babies. Have you tried the boca burgers...?

They'll get you through grilling season this summer when you want a good burger.


bittersweetandprim said...

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