Monday, August 30, 2010

Anybody Have One?????

I think I need a Sizzix die cutting machine!!
Anybody have one.....I'd love to hear what you think of it....good and bad!!
How does it do with fabric? Have you done the soda cans?
Spill it girlfrens!! :O)

Thanks!! Happy new week!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy 15th Brady!!

He looks thrilled I know......

....but he really did have a great entire week long celebration!! :O)

I love ya kid!!

Hope you're having a great weekend......enjoy your Monday!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Is It Just Me........

.....or does everyone carry a constant conversation with the people who live in your head?

One of the voices in my head is sooooooo chatty!! must be a 5 year old!! talk!! talk!!....about absolutely nothing....and yet coming up with some great ideas.....she is responsible for some of my favorite creations!! She is my crafty girl!!

There is also that voice......the deep, dark voice....the one telling me it's not good enough....I'm not good enough!! She must be the lil' devil on my shoulder....always bringing in the doubt.....always making me question.......always making me feel a lil' less!! She is my doubting debbie!!

Equally as loud......most times even louder is the lil' angel on my opposite shoulder!! "you can do this!!" ....that's all she cheers......a continual affirmation....not just a pat on the back.....she's just the push that says "YES!! work a lil' harder.....push a lil' can do this"!!

Each day we listen to one or the other.....the good voices or the bad.....Some days we listen to both.....and it's a battle of wills....good versus bad.......I choose to hear them all...after all you can learn a lot about yourself from those who know you best......however.....I listen to only own voice!! 'bout it.......everyone have multiple people living in your head....or is it just me?All of the people in me....wishes all the people in you a great Friday!! Make a lil' time to hug on never know which one of their voices are winning today!! :O)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back in July......

....we took off for a lil' R & R in Kentucky!! We went to Mammoth Cave and we had a blast!! If you haven't been......
....ya really gotta go!!

Have a great Monday....the last one of summer vacation (from school) for us!! Tah Tah...for now!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Things I've Learned From My Kid......

We require very few chores from Brady through-out the school year due to his crazy busy schedule and heavy school load. However, over the summer.....I require a bit more!! This summer, Brady has done nearly all of the sweeping among several other chores!! I am sooooo thankful for his help....and he has truly done a great job...Thanks kid!! :O)

I took over the duties this morning because although school doesn't start until next week.....the crazy busy schedule already has!! Any-hoooooo.....I learned a few things this morning.... apparently different folks have different ideas on what the "rules of sweeping" actually mean!!

Let me show you the confusion.....

banging into furniture 400 times with the vacuum
until it moves an inch and then sweeping
can be considered "moving the furniture and sweeping underneath" by some!!

emptying the dust bin at some point in your life
even if said occurrence happened during a dream
can be considered "make sure you empty the dust bin" to some!!

however, "putting the sweeper away" to some entails wrapping the cord
neatly around those stupid posts on the side of the vacuum while others
do it correctly and shove the vacuum, cord and all into
the closet and quickly close the door before it all falls out!!

See what I mean.....I have my way of cleaning....and others do it wrong! Actually, the lesson I learned from my kid is that he is a pretty great kid, and I'm lucky to have a teenage of the male persuasion no less, who is sooooo willing to help....any which way he is forced to!! Hope you vacuum the proper way too.....and if not.....oh well...hope it's a good day spite of your wrong-ness!! :O)


Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm in the Mood......

...for making babies!! Not one, or two, or three or four.....oh no.....I'm in the mood for making an entire house full of babies!!

I started some time ago, and have babies all over!! Usually, I just throw them in a box until I'm ready to deal w/ 'em.......

Sometimes I feel guilty that I don't have enough time for each and every one of them......they stare at me w/ those longing eyes.....just wanting a lil' one on one time......

Some babies hang around.......

....some get into mischief.....

Either way.......I'm gonna sell 'em all and then go back to makin' more!! Gosh.....I love my life!!

Hope you have a lil' baby makin' time in your day today!! tee hee hee....giggles :O)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I've got huge bags under my eyes....I've got huge bags elsewhere too but we're not gonna talk about that right now...thank you very much!! :O) Any-who.......I've got these bags and because I sleep 2 hours every month and drink coke zero by the bucket-full...there's no hope of them magically disappearing....soooooooo.......I've decided to take advantage of them!!!

Here's the right one....I chopped it off and will sell them as bean-bag chairs!! :O) When life (or in this case abuse of one's body) gives you lemons ('er uh eye bags) make bean-bag chairs!!

If this doesn't take off......I may try something a lil' more drastic.....
...once my lips are this one will even notice my eye bags!! See.......I'm a thinker!! :O)

Hope you're a thinker today too!! :O) Make it a great Tuesday!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

All That for This!!.

So if anyone is still around reading what I'll notice that indeed I fell off the side of the earth some time ago!! It's true!! I was going along.....keeping up with all that needed kept up.....and then bam....I fell!!

It started with my big toe!! At first I just couldn't keep up with small blogging....and reading and speaking coherently......and running to go potty exactly when I needed to (instead I waited until I couldn't hold it one more second!! I've got a few more good years left in my bladder!!) I worked on...sewing and cutting..and sawing and nailing stuff!! entire left leg was over the edge!! I no longer attended to cleaning!! I've always thought it over-rated anyway...there's a path from room to room.....and I enjoy my pet spiders!! :O) Still....I worked on.....stuffing and stitching.....painting and staining!!
I realized I was in trouble when my family revolted!! They are soooooo spoiled...always demanding clean clothes (hello......there's an inside and an outside to each and every pair of underwear ever made for a reason!!).....and they were demanding food.....that's been our home!! Geesh!! Why do they make 50,000 kinds of cereal if not to have variety in meals? There's even dessert ones....cookie crisp!!! And.....I was kind enough to make sure the milk wasn't too a week or so!! I have no idea what more is needed...but still I worked on.....dressing and distressing...scenting and waxing!!
So all this work led to our first show of the season this past weekend.... A Humble Past in North Lima, OH at the home of Piney Creek Primitives. Oh my goodness!! Debbie did a wonderful job putting together a grand group of vendors of all things prim!! There were antiques and cabinets.....boxes and quilts!! WONDERFULNESS!!!! There were handmade prims
absolute WONDERFULNESS!!! The customers came.....they saw.....they slobbered.....they bought!! I think a great time was had by all!! The only was about 300* the shade!! We all appeared to be glassy eyed sweaty dirt bags peddling our wares.....but in a good way!! :O) I highly recommend you mark your calendars for next won't want to miss it!!

So there you have it......I've managed to climb back up.....both feet firmly on the ground!! I'm not going to promise great daily blogging (I mean c'mon....I mediocre at best right!! :O))....sparkling wooden floors instead of the plush dog hair coverings....gourmet meals every night of the week (like hot dogs on buns that aren't green)...and I promise to not require more than a week from each pair of undies....but I am glad to be among the living blog-asphere again!! I can't wait to get caught up on everyone least until the next show.....In the Spirit of Friends!!!

Tah Tah for Now y'all!! Make it a grand Monday!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hope You.......

......rope the moon today!! Happy Friday!!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh My Goodness.......

.....I fell off the edge of the earth a time ago!! Not to worry though.....I'm climbing back up!! tee hee hee!!

Please come see us at.....

A Humble Past

August 14 10a to 4p
at Piney Creek Primitives
600 E Pine Lake Dr
North Lima, OH

It's very close to Shakerwoods Festival so come to a Humble Past first and then go to the festival for an entire day of primilicious fun!! You won't be sorry......there is going to be a bunch of'll want to see the bags under my eyes!! They are so big that I've been contact by Genius Book of World Records!! :O) How can you resist!!!

C-ya there!!