Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh My Aching Brain!!!

Today I spent the day being a judge for a National Forensic League event. UGH!!!! My teeny tiny brain is full.....chuck full.....

If you haven't been a part of these events.....I recommend it!! WOW!! These kids are really something!! Brady competes in United States Extemporaneous in which he has 1/2 hour to prepare a 7 minute speech on a given topic.....for instance today he spoke on Pres. Obama's trip to India, Keith Oberman's donating to the Democratic party, and Pres Bush's tax cuts. These are questions that he pulled at the beginning of the 1/2 hour prep, he researched and prepared during that 1/2 hour, and then must present a 7 minute talk stating his opinion, and siting references that support his view!! OH MY!!!!

I judged Humor in which the person gives a previously prepared presentation. They are judged on character interpretation and delivery as well as a small portion of content.

I also judged Duo which is much like humor....however it is a team of 2.....and these 2 are not allowed to look at nor touch each other......however they must convey their message fluidly!! This was very interesting to see them interact.....without interacting!! :O)

The third event I judged was impromptu......YIKES!!! In this event.....a student draws a prepared statement, prepares and delivers a speech supporting the statement or showing how they differ from it......all within 7 minutes total. They are judged on content, supporting information, as well as delivery. Some were a little less than wonderful however, a few were absolutely amazing!!

There is absolutely no way on God's green earth that I would have as a teen student done what these kids do......there is very little way I'd do it now!! I am not that confident......nor can I prepare and produce that quickly!! They all were soooooo very impressive!! I am thankful that I was forced to do this.......and actually.....I look forward to the next time they force me!! :O)

If you want to feel intimidated by the teen generation......check it out!! You will be impressed I promise!!

....and now.....I've got to go rest my is sooooo have beheld sooooo much!! :O)
Nighty Night!!


cottageprims said...

Sounds like way too much for a brain to handle.LoL..Interesting though.I always get a smile out of visiting you.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Girl, I am impressed by you son, Brady!
Under Pressure, the smarts it would take! Yes, Wow!

I would be like what and freeze!

Sounds like a great experience!
Give Brady a Big Hug!