Friday, December 3, 2010

I've Gotta Ask.....Is This Normal?????

Is it normal.......

  • On Fox News Channel.....they've been playing these "commercials"....or public announcement type things where a song plays over while the action plays out the words.....this morning I saw one about a man remembering a boxcar race where he let his disabled neighbor boy run his it normal to scream and cry for a half hour over this commercial???? Good golly can't wait for the Christmas beer commercials!!!!
  • I'm starting a new eating plan on Sunday to prepare........I ate the dog, I ripped the hinges off the freezer to get to the ice cream, and I licked the salt off the empty chip this normal?????
  • In my embarrassment over eating, I considered going to the grocery store and purchasing everything I ate, and then eating the same amount that Rick would know had been gone.....just so no one noticed I ate it all.....that's normal right!!
  • Knowing that purchasing replacement food was a terrible idea that would never work......I considered moving to Mexico!!
  • Knowing moving to Mexico was a terrible idea because I'd probably end up in a drug war somewhere.....I decided Canada was a much better option!! Not crazy at all!!
So there you go.......completely normal right......well considering I'm a 41 year old hormonally deprived gal......I think anything less than homicidal is perfectly fine......DON'T YOU AGREE!!!! This is where you giggle nervously, agree, and get the heck outta my reach!! :O)

Have a great Friday......and for all my hormonal gal-pals......let's keep each other outta the dark side okie dokie!!!! :O#



Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Yep, Sounds normal to me!

Just like last night got home from work! Tired didn't want to do a thing!
Hubby is on vacation(yes hunting)
He comes home a couple minutes after me!
He said hey want to show me where to put the other two spot lights up on the house!
Now let me tell you, He told me not to do them a couple of days ago, because he would get them( sweet guy!)
Still not done last night>>> me being tired>>I so politely said" PLEASE Let me start the Manwich(big supper!)then we will go out!

So we go out I am standing looking at the house>>>he says what are ya doin? OH, MY! Got on my last nerve just that ( what a ya lookin at!)LOL I say lookin where to put them! Yes, we put the last two lights up & he is still in one piece! Gotta love him, he puts up with me being a crazy woman!Tired, Grumpy, legs hurting, whinning, and crying for no reason!

What can we say we are woman, and hear us Roar( seriously ROAR!)
Loved the post, thank you for making me feel normal!
I feel much better!LOL

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

I think I have just read about myself, both in your post Stacey and Teresa's comment!! Amazing men live to be old.8-)