Monday, November 15, 2010

You Know the Kind!!

There are those among us that just have a way!!

I am a horrible blogger!! I find a few moments a day to get online....and usually those moments are spent reading email and occasionally checking out a few blogs.....however....rarely do I take the time to comment on others' blogs....even rarer yet.....I am horrible about sending out a "howdy" kinda email!! I just don't take the's just not something I am good at!!

However.....there are those that do!

Teresa from the Deppen Homestead 1862 has it....she has a way about her....she takes the time!! Though I don't do it my blog hopping....I often see that Teresa visits many of our blogs in blogland.......I often see that she gives an encouraging word wherever she may visit. I just really must tell you......Ms. Teresa has warmed my heart on more than one occasion!! Today....not unlike many other days, she took the time to send me a little note that just made my heart smile!! She didn't need to do this.....she doesn't "know" me nor does she have spare time to burn......Teresa is just a kind hearted treasure that makes the time to give joy!!

There are many kinds of folks in this world of ours......some encounters with people leave you filled with a joy that makes you warm and ready to share that joy......Ms. are a joy giver...and I am thankful to call you my friend!! Thank you for being and sharing the joy that makes life fun!!

Please....has Teresa visited your blog......has she left you an encouraging word that really made you smile......has she taken the time to spread her joy in your life????? Let's all send her a little of that joy!! Let's all say thank Teresa......and to the many like her that make this online community such a great place to play!! Let's spread the joy of thanksgiving......all over blogland!!

How 'bout it......have you taken the time today?

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Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Oh, Sweet girl,
thank you, but you have made me laugh so many days with your posts!
I can't run the sweeper without a giggle!
hugs to you!