Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Adventures of.......

...Maggie Mae...the crazy cat.....

Yesterday, Rick and I spent the day junkin' at Roger's Flea Market and I found this yummy wool quilt....I haven't found a home for it yet, however, Maggie Mae, the crazy cat has found a home......on it!! Great find!! :O)

We stopped in Augusta on the way home and did a quick run-through at Manfull Orchards and Farmgirl Finds....Oh my goodness!! Run....don't walk....(er um drive carefully probably) right now to these wonderful shops!! Not only will you find a few of our treasures there, you'll find yummy baked goods, fresh produce from the farm, home-grown beef, and gorgeous must-have antiques!! You will definitely want to make plans to come see all the Christmas goodies both shops have in store for ya!! I came home with a yummy "Christmas Spice" candle that I can burn and fool my family into thinking I baked!! :O)

BTW....we came home with a huge load from Roger' for more great treasures to come from our shop with the glorious "trash" we found!!
Yep!! She's comfy......and until the next addition of "Adventures of Maggie Mae, the Crazy Cat".....have a meow-i-ful day!!
Stacey.....and Maggie!!

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