Thursday, November 18, 2010

C'mon.....I NEED My Beauty Rest!!

I do!! At a few decades past 20 years old......I need every second I can get!! Last night I went to bed about midnight....aaaahhhhhh!!
......sleeping soundly!! See.....I am much more beautiful....when asleep!! :O)

About 2:30am'ish....Maggie Mae the crazy cat invited guests over for a lil' one on one knock down brawl and Miss Opal our lab-child decided she was unhappy about it.....
....what the.....Oh you two....go to bed!!

So the outcome of another night without sleep you ask...........gorgeous don'cha think!! Is 9am too early to go to bed for the night????

Have a great know.....all those who aren't on a sleep deprived rampage today....for my fellow insomniacs.......I'm selling my animal children and/or husband and child (just in case they bother me too) to the gypsies!! :O)



Deppen homestead 1862 said...

What a beauty in the morning!
It must be one of those days!LOL
Couldn't sleep last night it was past 11pm when I finally stopped checking the clock, then heard the Hubby come to be around 12,( so lOUD) then my cat "Buddy" decided to say "Hello I want some lovin around 2am,( barely remember that sloppy wetkisses i got!)YUK!, then the alarm went off 4:40am, I was like NO NO,
I am a walking zombie! And My eyes look like someone poured red food color in them!LOL
So if you get ahold of some gypsies send them my way, I have a few things also for them!LOL
Good luck with the sleep!

Tina said...

One word....Lunesta!

Love ya