Monday, November 8, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust!!

Fwooooo!! Show number 4 of 5 is over and the remains are strung out throughout the house!! Geesh!! There wasn't much left again.......but boy does my house need a good cleaning and organizing!!

I think it perfectly normal that there are crates of babies in the dining room ......don't you!! There's an extra cabinet in the family room and if you come in the door too'll see it up close and personal like when you run smack-dab into it!!

There's still a jack-o-lantern and black crow on my dining room well as the crud Brady dumped from his book-bag last night!! I'm either early for next year's Halloween celebration.....or I perhaps may be running a bit late in getting my decor down!!

No one had clean socks this morning......but we did all have lots of deodorant because I had been out of milk for almost a week....(we have eaten homemade bread and pie for every meal......don't be impressed.....I picked them up from the market I wholesale to when I made a delivery late last week).... so I was forced to get groceries yesterday!!

What are my duties today you ask........yep!! I think I'll play in my room!! **giggles** Let them wear stinky socks......and their underwear backwards!! They're men after all....stank is manly....right!! tee hee hee!! Yea....NO....I gotta live with 'em!! I'll do laundry....and play!! The cleaning can wait till tomorrow....or next week!! :O)

Have a great one all!!

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Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Too cute !
thanks for a giggle!
Just sounds like home, normal!
have a great day>>make babys!