Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Please Send Prayers

We live in a small town......the kind of community where everyone knows's still safe here......we are fairly insulated from the world......when tragedy happens......the villagers feel the pain!!

Last week.....a young mother of 2 killed her two children and then herself. Her sister is in Brady's class at school.....her father goes to church with my of the children's grandparents live in the condo association where we do the landscaping. It just makes me feel sooooo sad!! How awful for soooo many!! Please pray for them!!

Yesterday morning a 23 year old angel on earth, Rosie......passed away after a long and strong battle with cancer......she grew up in my dad's church......we know the family well!! She was my mom's nurse in the rehab center where she went following hip surgery......she was a blessing to the nursing community.....and to each and everyone who saw her smile!!! Please pray for them!!

Tragically.....this 23 year old's aunt was completing a "memory motorcycle ride" in honor of Rosie late last night and was killed in an accident. Please pray for them!!

So much tragedy!! So very sad!! My heart goes out to each and every one of these families.....I'm not really sure how you cope with sooooo much.....except to just lean......lean on Him!! Please send your prayers to our community and to each and every one of these families won't you?

Pray for the Halette family.

Pray for the Moreland/Derby family.

Pray for the Search family.

May God be with them all......


Erinn Laine Candles said...

I sure will add them to the list, this has been a very sad year :0(

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Of course my thoughts & prayers are out to all family & friends!
My heart goes out to them!

Living so close; I heard about this @ work people have been saddened by this and to are praying.

Prayers to each & all,

Tina said...

Stacey, so sad. Prayers for comfort and for all the find Jesus in the midst of this pain.