Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'll Be Right Back!!

We are crazy busy getting ready for the next show......our annual tag sale......since we sold out at A Simple Country Gathering!! I'll be right back.....I promise!! :O)

If you're local......or coming to Carrollton to go to the Mill Festival....make sure you stop by our Third Street tag sale.....right behind the Methodist Church......you'll be glad you did!! Prims and antiques and goodies galore!! :O) Make sure you say, "HOWDY!!!!"

Hope you're enjoying your blessings!!


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Your booth was awesome at Simple Country Gathering.
I was with my niece & we just loved everything!
Fantastic Stuff! My favorite item I purchased was the horse( which silly me first thought it was a goat, my niece was like no it is a horse, see the mane). I am calling him the pony he is sitting on at the top of my entertainment center.
You are so creative, just simply love you stuff!keep makin babies!

Erinn Laine Candles said...

hey there ! so glad that you had a wonderful show this past weekend.
I really missed you @ Atwood but I know that it's hard to be in 2 places at once..I really need to figure that trick out myself , take care !