Monday, October 11, 2010

How Come...... brain works so all the wrong times???????

I remember everything I need from the grocery store........on the way home!!!

I remember that Brady needs picked up from school, practice, or meetings........when he calls and tells me I'm late!!!

I remember exactly why I came into the hour after I came into the room!!!

I recognize each and every person who comes up to me and starts chatting........the next day after I've looked like a complete idiot by carrying a conversation while thinking the entire time.....who the heck is this person!!!!

I remember the reason I called my soon as I hang up!!

I remember that I need white thread........when it's 12am and I'm no where near a store!!

I remember that Brady needs his uniform washed......10 minutes before a match!!

I'm sure there are lots more times that my brain works perfectly.......but I can't remember them right now!!! come?????

Hope you're havin' a greatly wonderfully forgetful day today!!

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