Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Benefits of Not Being Able to Stand Up Straight

There are sooooo many benefits to having a crappy know.....except for the stabbing pain!! Yep!! Let me share a few....

I've always been soooo tall......yay!!! I get to see how it feels to be short.....because I can't stand up straight so my normal 5'7" is a mere 4' from my toes to my humped shoulders!!

I can see all the dust bunnies I've been missing when I if I could only bend over enough to pick them up!! On the bright side.....I really don't have great control over my left leg and it kinda drags behind me when I I'm sweeping up quite a few of them!!

I'm thinking I'm doing at least half of an ab crunch's gotta be doing at least half the benefits!!

When I swallow the food is only making it to my mid throat can't possibly be making it to my hips!!

The pained look on my face totally takes away from the fact that my hair looks like crap!!

The burn on my forehead from trying to prepare lunch today has completely removed the fine lines that were developing!!

See......sooooo many benefits!! I'm really enjoying the whole process!! Hope you are having a great day as well!! :O) Toodles!!


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Tina said...

Way to look on the bright side. chin up!,, ....oh sorry, I mean, keep up that great attitude.

feel better soon