Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wow-wee Wow Wow!!

Yesterday was the In the Spirit of Friends show. Oh My Goodness!!!!!! Wow-wee Wow Wow Wow!! It was an amazing grouping of artists and antiquers!! The offerings were sooooo varied and all sooooo amazingly wonderful!! Rick and I were proud to be a part of it!!

Sometime in the morning shortly before 10am I look up to see a mass of stampeding folks.....and the occupants of a tour bus......running towards the booth!!! tee hee hee!! What a great group of shoppers.....everyone was sooooo loverly......and very gracious with their compliments!! How fun!!

Here is our before......
...See!! Lots and lots of offerings!! We were completely full of treasures!!

This is the after......
We were BARE!!!! Nuttin' left!! Nada!! Slim pickins!! This was about noon!! tee hee hee!! What a wonderfully terrific day!! Mark this one.....SUCCESS!!!!

Hope you're doing something you enjoy with someone you love today!! Make it a great one!!


Tina said...

That's awesome. Love the before and afters and all the bare-ness. Yay and congrats

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

I went>>> shopped til I dropped! It was a great show, beautiful day.
I was at your booth about 10:03 I said hello as I purchased: a snowdude, 2 pumpkins, a tree, and a witch. Yeah!!!
By the way, compliment from my hubby, he thinks your stuff is great( usually he just holds the purchases with no comment)if you don't mind I would like to boost for your next show on my blog by posting some pics!
Thanks for the great stuff!!!

Bobbie said...

Loved your items! I have my butter churn on my fireplace hearth and it is perfect! Next year...make more stuff..LOL! It was a great show..the day was gorgeous and so much fun! So proud to be part of it!