Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Be There Or.......'ll be the one crying in your Doritos!!

In the Spirit of Friends

at Malabar Farms State Park
4050 Bromfield Road
Lucas, OH 44843

Saturday, September 18
10a - 4p

We will be in VERY good company!! The vendor list is amazing and Rick and I feel very honored to have been invited!! Sooooooo excited to see.....and be seen!! :O)

Stop by and say howdy......I'll be the one wide-eyed and drooling!! C-ya there!!


Tina said...

Well, have fun and sell out. I'm sure they are honored to have you there.

Deppenhomestead 1862 said...

I was so hoping to make this show! I am almost positive I have to work.
Good luck & make some $$$