Friday, August 20, 2010

Things I've Learned From My Kid......

We require very few chores from Brady through-out the school year due to his crazy busy schedule and heavy school load. However, over the summer.....I require a bit more!! This summer, Brady has done nearly all of the sweeping among several other chores!! I am sooooo thankful for his help....and he has truly done a great job...Thanks kid!! :O)

I took over the duties this morning because although school doesn't start until next week.....the crazy busy schedule already has!! Any-hoooooo.....I learned a few things this morning.... apparently different folks have different ideas on what the "rules of sweeping" actually mean!!

Let me show you the confusion.....

banging into furniture 400 times with the vacuum
until it moves an inch and then sweeping
can be considered "moving the furniture and sweeping underneath" by some!!

emptying the dust bin at some point in your life
even if said occurrence happened during a dream
can be considered "make sure you empty the dust bin" to some!!

however, "putting the sweeper away" to some entails wrapping the cord
neatly around those stupid posts on the side of the vacuum while others
do it correctly and shove the vacuum, cord and all into
the closet and quickly close the door before it all falls out!!

See what I mean.....I have my way of cleaning....and others do it wrong! Actually, the lesson I learned from my kid is that he is a pretty great kid, and I'm lucky to have a teenage of the male persuasion no less, who is sooooo willing to help....any which way he is forced to!! Hope you vacuum the proper way too.....and if not.....oh well...hope it's a good day spite of your wrong-ness!! :O)


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Deppenhomestead1862 said...

OMG, that is too funny & so true!
We all are so quilty of this at one time or another!
Putting the sweeper away correctly is my flaw!
most of the time I just push into the closet,throw the cord on it, and push the door shut, then run off hoping it doesn't come after me!
When I am sweeping I will be laughing!
Thanks for the giggles
Til next time keep living life & smilin